Hi! I’m Laeci and this is my blog. I use it mostly as a combination family scrapbook/baby book but I’ll occasionally put something random in too. I blogged here from 2011-2014 but had to relocate when I posted too many photos and ran out of room. 🙂 (I’ll probably be doing it again in another three years, haha!)

My Family

Daniel and I met in fourth grade, started dating ten years later, and got married on August 3, 2008. We’ve been through a lot together, including college – twice (the second time with kids too!), many moves (we’re about to embark on our ninth…) and unusual living situations, a menagerie of pets, three beautiful children, hours of laughter and inside jokes…and basically no money. (Hey, it can’t all be good.) Despite our unique challenges (a fun mix of depression and anxiety for me, and Autism Spectrum Disorder for him) or maybe even because of them, we’re each other’s best friend and number one person through it all. (We really could use some money though.)

So about those three beautiful children…

Damien Isaac was born December 16, 2011 (here’s his birth story.) He’s creative, sensitive, sweet, dramatic, and a little off-the-wall (though I would expect nothing less from our child!)

Rowen Cole was born July 26, 2014 (and here’s his birth story.) He’s easy-going but opinionated, with a great sense of humor, and fills our lives with music, imagination, and adventure.

Kellen Reid was born September 9, 2016 – in other words, he’s brand new! We don’t know much about this adorable little guy yet, but we can’t wait to find out!

What About the Blog Title?

Babien is a nickname we coined for Damien when he was wee, but we’ve since extended it to our other kiddos as well.

Bespins are… well, I’ll have this post explain it. 🙂


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