Kellen: Three Weeks

Sizes: NB in onesies and some outfits, 0-3 month footie pajamas, size 1 diapers (because we ran out of newborn ones. The size ones are a little big still but he doesn’t leak through them, so it’s a good trade-off.)

Eating: I’m still struggling with that same latch issue which makes breastfeeding really painful. During the day we usually manage a pretty good latch but at night, when I can’t see and the options are between Kellen crying because I’m taking too long and me crying because I’m in pain, I usually go with option two (because I cry quieter) and regret it later (or even immediately, but when you’re trying to keep two other kiddos asleep in the same room… It’s hard.)

But, at least Kellen is getting plenty to eat and seems happy and healthy. I’m glad we’re not having supply issues or allergy issues or any of the other myriad of problems we could be having. We’re going to keep trying together and we’ll figure it out! (And I might be meeting with a lactation consultant soon, if I can get into town.)

ETA: all of a sudden his latch got much better – like, seriously overnight. I don’t know why but I’m not going to question the miracle! 🙂

Sleeping: Three week olds don’t sleep. The end!
Correction: they do sleep, at entirely the wrong times… Like during the day, when a visiting family member is holding them, when normally at that time any other day they’re cranky and won’t let you accomplish a thing, so OF COURSE when you have help they’re blissfully snoozing away. 

Also, Kellen is still battling a cold (so are Dan and I) so when you lay him down he’s so stuffy/congested he can’t breathe. The humidifier helps a little bit. Propping his mattress up doesn’t help much. Letting him sleep on my chest works…for one of us. (So basically, I’ve had lots of three-hour nights of sleep, and in other news coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.) 

New This Week: This was our second normal-ish week, with using the cabin, Dan working, and no one in the hospital (actually I did have to go to the ER for something stupid but that’s another post). I wouldn’t say we’ve settled into a routine, but we’re working on it.

I tried carrying Kellen in the Baby K’Tan, which I haven’t used since Damien was a baby. It’s a little tight (I shrunk it washing it back in 2012, which is why I stopped using it then) but according to the manual it’ll stretch with use. What I really love about it is once Kellen is in, I don’t have to readjust at all. My other go-to newborn carrier, the Maya Wrap, is awesome but does need adjusting pretty frequently, especially with such a tiny baby (I’m kinda paranoid.) Just being able to put him in and have us both be comfortable was amazing! It’s nice to have a couple carriers to use until he’s big enough for my beloved mei tai.

Oh, this week Rowen started really noticing Kellen and giving him’Kellen Kisses’ – now if I could convince the older boys not to kiss him when he’s trying to sleep… 


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