Kellen: One Month

Height/Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz, and around 22 inches (maybe taller? He’s obviously grown since birth…)

Sizes: 0-3 month clothes, and already too tall for some of the footie PJs. Size 1 diapers still – we’ll probably move up to 2s when we run out of 1s…

Eating: Kellen is eating well and obviously gaining weight. Sometimes nursing is still painful but we’re fixing the problems as they come and powering through it. I know it’ll be easy eventually!

Sleeping: Still very varied. Sometimes he’ll only sleep if I’m holding him, then the next night he’ll do a nice long stretch in his own bed. Babies are mysterious creatures and I’m not even worried about figuring it out or ‘training’ him… As long as I can function, and he’s getting enough sleep, I’m good.

New This Week:

Kellen finally had his first real bath. He didn’t cry but I’m not sure he actually enjoyed it either – he just seemed vaguely surprised by the whole experience, lol.

We took Kellen to Sabbath School the past two Saturdays – once to Cradle Roll with Rowen and once to Preschool with Damien. Of course, he was sleeping or eating the entire time, but it was fun to get him dressed up. πŸ™‚

We did a bit of semi-local tourism (minus Dan) and met Kaeli at Apple Hill on a Thursday. It was beautiful weather and I would gladly trade the lack of crowds for the attractions that weren’t open during the week (it is a madhouse on weekends!) It was a little scary taking all three kids out without Dan but Kaeli made it easy – now, one of these days I’ll actually have to accomplish something solo and that will most likely be horrible… Haha.

Kellen also had his one month doctor’s appointment on Thursday, in which we learned he’s completely healthy and doing great! It was nice to have a drama-free appointment – let’s hope they’re all like that from now on.

He’s awake a lot more now and just stares at everything, especially when we’re outside on a walk. He’s even done some limited interactions with toys, grabbing them and checking them out for a bit before getting bored/overwhelmed (with two big brothers, there’s a whole lot of the latter!) Oh, and Kellen has started to make adorable baby noises (everyone loves his “gah”) and happy faces that aren’t QUITE smiles.


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