Kellen: Two Weeks


Weight: 9lbs 12 oz, so well above his birth weight. He’s getting chub rolls on his arms & legs & I love it šŸ™‚
Sizes: NB short sleeve onesies/pants/most PJs; his LS onesies are too short in the arms. (Why do clothing sizes vary so widely?) He’s still in NB diapers and they fit fine, but we’ll be moving up to ones as soon as we run out.

Eating: nurses forever and always. Wakes me up 3x/night to eat, which wouldn’t be terrible if he wasn’t awake for an hour each time… 
Breastfeeding is getting challenging again because he still has a bad latch (which I’m 99.9% sure is due to his upper lip tie*) but the way the hospital LC showed me to get him latched isn’t working, either because he’s too big now, or too impatient (he gets angry and fights me and if it’s the middle of the night, when I need him to be quiet, I’ll just let him latch badly and be the one to cry instead, because at least I’ll cry quietly…and no, I’m not joking at all!) I had a few challenges nursing Damien and virtually none nursing Rowen, but I have to say – if this was my first time breastfeeding, I’d probably quit by now. Knowing how good, easy, and fulfilling a breastfeeding relationship can be keeps me going (the newborn stage can’t – and doesn’t – last forever!)

* Neither the hospital nurses nor the hospital LC were concerned about an upper lip tie. It’s possible the LC referred by Kellen’s doctor could help or would have a different opinion, but I haven’t managed to connect with her yet. Maybe next week…

Sleeping: Sleeps better swaddled but is always mad when he wakes up
Wants to sleep with me holding him all the time – especially when he has a stuffy nose at night (we have yet another cold going around our family…ugh)

Still sleeps more soundly during the day than at night, but he’s getting (slightly) better.

New This Week: we moved when he was nine days old. Our new place is really tiny (it’s a studio apartment/cabin but actually has a big kitchen and bathroom so the living space is the challenge.) The tricky thing is unpacking without making the place unlivable; the good thing is how easy it is to keep track of everyone in a small space. I actually really like the family all together – especially because I know we won’t be living like this forever! šŸ˜‰ 

In specifically Kellen news, he’s awake more and more and shows a little bit of interest in people… before going back to sleep. He’s definitely getting more comfortable with Dan, which is great both for Dan and me, so I can get a break once in awhile.

Damien is still very interested in him, always wanting to give him hugs, tickles, and ‘Kellen Kisses’ (which, while adorable, aren’t best received while the poor baby is trying to sleep.) He talks about all the things Kellen hasn’t seen (giraffes! Helicopters! Other family members!) and how he can’t wait to show him, which I love because I feel the same way.
Rowen is more laid back in his interactions with the baby, but is always positive and gentle – he talks to Kellen in ‘baby talk’ (which, coming out of the mouth of a two-year-old, is already super cute) and strokes his head when he cries. 


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