Baby3: Third Trimester

As of today, I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and I’m afraid if I don’t get this published I never will! I’m guessing baby will be here one way or another within the next week or so, so I’m pretty much done with this trimester anyway. (But don’t forget the fourth trimester, which is very real and awaiting me on the other side…)

38 weeks, with a snuggly big brother and barely visible feet…

How I’m Feeling:

  • Early 3rd tri: My energy gets depleted very fast. My Stomach is starting to stretch, which leads to itchy skin. Baby likes to squish up into my lungs, which leaves me dizzy and breathless – thanks kid!
  • Late 3rd tri: EVERYTHING HURTS AND I’M DYING. Sleeping is an athletic event, if I sit or lay down too long I’m practically paralyzed when I try to stand up, and I can’t walk more than 25 feet without a (Braxton-Hicks, but still super uncomfortable and sometimes painful) contraction. (I’m also a total whiner, haha!)

Image result for everything hurts and i'm dying third trimester

  • Emotionally I was REALLY struggling for a month or so, right after we moved and I simultaneously ran out of the antidepressants I was put on in the first trimester. Thankfully my new doctor recognized my need for more meds and I’m feeling much better – stressed still of course, but it’s not all-encompassing.
  • I got diagnosed with late onset gestational diabetes at 36 weeks, which means I can’t eat anything fun…but to be honest, nothing sounds good anyway at this point. I’m testing my blood sugar four times a day and I’m not on medication, so that’s good. It is a little frustrating to follow the ‘GD diet’ (which I’m familiar with from being pregnant with Damien) and still have my numbers be all over the place, but with only a few weeks to figure out what foods my body can handle, I guess that’s to be expected. At this point, the food I miss the most is cereal, which my body doesn’t like at any time of day.
  • I developed a cold at around 37 weeks pregnant, and I can’t shake it. It started with a sore throat and has evolved into a cough/runny nose, aaand of course I can’t take anything for it. Oh, and at 36 weeks I picked up a stomach bug from Rowen which thankfully only lasted 48 hours. I truly have no immune system right now – yet another pregnancy joy.

Craving: nothing really. It’s a struggle to find something that sounds good to eat that I’m actually allowed to eat. I’ve been eating a lot of peanut butter toast and Nature Valley protein bars – oh, and iced lattes. 🙂 (Oh, I forgot! At the beginning of 3rd tri I craved Java Chip Frappuccinos from Starbucks, which is kind of hilarious because I don’t even really like Frappuccinos. I think I drank more that month or two than the rest of my life combined, then the craving went away.)

28 weeks, just starting 3rd Tri – back when I still had a belly button 🙂

Important Dates:

  • July 7-11/30 weeks pregnant: we moved out of our Bay Area apartment, put most of our stuff in storage, and crashed in my parents’ guest room for the rest of the summer. It was super hard and stressful, but also necessary, since my job ended in May and Dan was supposed to start working soon in my parents’town. (Of course, what actually ended up happening is Dan is STILL waiting to get more than contract work from the business which was going to supposedly hire him full-time, so he got another job at a summer camp/retreat center in the meantime.)

Cleaning the old apartment… It was definitely the opposite of fun to move at 30 weeks pregnant.

  • Went beach camping at 32 weeks pregnant – it was fun and the boys had a blast, but I got a terrible sunburn on my legs that completely incapacitated me for a week. For whatever reason, you sunburn easier while PG, and I sunburn in the shade anyway (literally, I was sitting in a shelter when it happened.) Oh, and the very next week I fell down the stairs in my parents’town house, bruising up my legs and twisting my ankle (but I fell on my butt so baby was fine.)

In the right: washcloths on my sunburn, with one shot of the lovely white/red contrast (which is now a tan/white contrast, lol.) On the left: ice on my bruises/twisted ankle – my left leg got it a lot worse than my right leg, because it was trapped behind me as I fell.

  • Aug. 14: my sweet sister Kaeli (with the help of my other sweet sister Kassi) threw me a baby shower! It was adorable and totally unexpected, but oh so appreciated. (Once I get photos from someone I’ll share, because the decorations were SO CUTE.)
  • Aug. 19/36 weeks: I had my first doctor’s appointment with my new OB. She’s very nice and I like their office a lot (which is good, because it’s the only one in the area accepting new patients…) I also really like the hospital I’ll be delivering in (you know, assuming I make it in time…) It has private rooms and a birth center vibe (the bathrooms even have whirlpool tubs!) and they promote skin to skin/are very supportive of breastfeeding. Since it’s the only hospital in the area I’m glad it’s a good one!
  • 37 weeks: because my uterus was measuring big (which it always does at the end), I had an ultrasound to try to determine Baby’s size, which turned out to be normal (6 lbs 12 oz, although an ultrasound this late isn’t super accurate.) I’m fully expecting an 8-9lb baby so this was what I expected.

This picture is amazing because not only did Damien take a nap, but he wanted to snuggle on my lap – two things that are totally out of the ordinary! Oh, my heart ❤

Kiddo Reactions:

Both kids find my giant belly, and especially my nonexistent belly button, very amusing. Damien loves to hug and kiss my bump and always says goodnight to Baby Kellen. (If you ask who is in my tummy, Rowen will respond “Baby Kallan!”, which is way too cute and reminds me of how Damien called him “Bebe Wowan”.) I think they’re as prepared for their new brother as they can get, which is good, because he’s coming any day now!

My guess is that things are going to be a LOT easier with Damien than they were last time, because he is interested in the baby and wants to be helpful, and that this time Rowen will be playing the part of Damien in “oh my gosh this new baby has usurped my role as baby AND I CAN’T DEAL.” (Hopefully Rowen, like Damien, will take this out on his parents and not on the baby, which was emotionally difficult but really ideal because I didn’t have to worry about Rowen’s safety.) Of course, once again we’re moving right around the time we add a new baby so who knows – everything could go haywire, but that’s just our life I guess!


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