Tot/Preschool This Week: Ocean Creatures

Day 1: Our snack today was string cheese divided into eight legs with a mustard face, but it was so simple that I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it (not to mention both kids licked the face off within seconds.)

Day 2: Look at our deformed octopi! (They’re missing half their legs because…I got lazy.) They’re still pretty cute though. I froze extra unfrosted cupcakes from last week and they still tasted really good. Our craft was a super simple half paper plate jelly (with tissue paper harvested from the gift box) and our sensory activity was slime made with starch (which I had to buy on Amazon) and clear Elmer’s glue. Rowen made green slime and Damien made blue slime, and then we put them together. They looked really pretty all swirled up and eventually made aqua slime, so it was a lesson in color mixing too I guess. I have way too much fun with the sensory activities, lol.

Day 3: Damien and I had fun doing a “will it float?” science experiment – he picked ten toys and we recorded whether they sank or floated! Both Damien and Rowen made paper bag jellies, but Rowen thought painting the jelly was weird and decided to draw on it with paint pens instead. 🙂

Day 4 & 5: I didn’t take any pictures! But we did some fun stuff, including melting ice cubes full of sea animals/shells/marbles in the water table, playing with ‘electric eels’ (gummy worms soaked in baking soda water and then put in vinegar), and making pretty jellies with coffee filters. (I’ll at least have to take pictures of the coffee filter jellies…)


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