Baby3: Second Trimester

This week I’m twenty-eight weeks pregnant, which means I’m officially in the third trimester. Here’s a recap of what was supposed to be the ‘honeymoon’ part of pregnancy:


Visiting Sea Ranch at 26 weeks pregnant (PC: my MIL)

How I’m Feeling:

  • Still stressed about jobs/housing but trying to make plans (for example, we still don’t know where the baby will be born…)
  • New symptom: pregnancy insomnia. I didn’t have this with any of my other pregnancies so that’s fun. On the other hand, I don’t have anything medically serious going on this time around so I’m mostly left alone with the occasional doctor’s appointment, which is nice.
  • Physically, this pregnancy has equal to or a bit harder than Rowen’s. I now have the typical sore back/hips, heartburn, and a squished stomach (so I can’t eat very much/am always hungry)
  • By the end of the trimester I was feeling lots of baby movement (including semipainful kicks where I’m like CUT OUT THE DANCE PARTY BABY)

Craving: Mostly just avocado this trimester – my students laughed because I would eat an avocado sandwich every single day for lunch.

Important Dates:

  • 14 weeks: the morning sickness finally eased up
  • 17 weeks: started feeling baby move (very irregularly)
  • 18 weeks: found out baby is a boy (and also found out I have an anterior placenta, so I won’t feel as much movement until later)
  • 20 weeks: started feeling baby move regularly
  • 22 weeks: Braxton Hicks contractions appeared (OH BOY)
  • 23 weeks: we named the baby – Kellen Reid! (Damien insists he will call him ‘New Baby’ or ‘Squishy Turtle’ despite what we name him, lol)

Kiddo Quotes/Reactions:

  • Damien is starting to get excited about the baby and says he knows he’ll be really cute. He tells strangers that there are three kids in our family. πŸ™‚
  • Rowen may actually understand that there will, in fact, be a baby… at least he seems to understand that I’m pregnant. We read lots of Big Brother books so I’m hoping some of it is sinking in…

Bump Photos:

These are mostly mirror selfies while I was at work, lol. Oh well, better than nothing right?


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