Kid Quiz

This kid quiz was going around Facebook yesterday and I tortured my children by making them answer questions. I was actually surprised Rowen answered as well as he did!

First Rowen, age 22 months:

What’s your name? Name Rowen. Name Ro-Ro.
How old are you? Baby brother. (I don’t know if he means he’s the baby brother, or if he’s just talking about the new baby.)
When is your birthday? Birthday!
When is your birthday? Green, table, purple! (Obviously he has no concept of birthdays since he’s just yelling out random words at this point, lol)
What is your favorite color? Green.
Favorite food? I like smothie! Smothie too Mama! (He pronounces smoothie as ‘smothie’)
Who is your best friend? Ripley
Favorite show? Octonauts
Favorite movie? Cars (he actually means Mater’s Tall Tales, since I don’t think he’s ever sat through a viewing of Cars)
Favorite song? Itsy Bitsy Spider, Itsy bitsy Ripley! (the second of which is a silly version of the spider song, featuring Ripley falling off the bed)
Favorite animal? Hippos!
What are you scared of? The ghosts. (At this point I should point out that neither of my children has actually seen a scary movie, or anything not rated G or PG, and they’re getting their ‘scary’ stereotypes from Halloween episodes of small children’s TV shows like Bubble Guppies.)
What makes you happy? Your toes! The squid! (The squid is an Octonauts toy, and it’s actually a jelly, not a squid!)

Then I moved on to Child #1:

What’s your name? Damien
How old are you? 4
When is your birthday? I don’t know. At the end of the year! Are we gonna die at the end of the year? (No.)
How old is mommy? Um, I don’t remember. Twenty? (Hey, it’s in the right decade! I’ll take it) 🙂
What is your favorite color? Black. Black! And white! And orange! And purple!
Favorite food? Pretzels. The kind of pretzels that Dada eats. Where are they? (They’re in the car.) They’re in the car? Should we get them out? Cuz I wanna eat the rest! Cuz I haven’t had any for, like, any years!
Who is your best friend? Dada.
Favorite show? Paw Patrol and Jake, but I don’t usually watch Paw Patrol anymore. (Jake as in, “and the Neverland Pirates”)
Favorite movie? The one that we just did? The movie of Tinkerbell? (I think it was the Neverbeast.) I like Mater’s Tall Tales but it’s not a movie. It’s kind of like a movie, but it’s not.
Favorite song? “Wheel in the Sky”. It’s the song that Dada has.
Favorite animal? My favorite animal is a chickmunk.
What are you scared of? Zombies. I’m kind of scared of bad guys. And I’m scared of thunder and lightening.
What makes you happy? Playing with Rowen. Making things with Legos with you. Watching TV.


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