Rowen Lately – 21 Months


Here’s a list on my phone that I made when Rowen was 18 months old and forgot to publish:

  • says “oh my!” “My goodness!”
  • Greets everyone when he sees them (“hi Dada, hi Ripley”)
  • Calls Damien Buba still, but can say Damien (kind of)
  • Loves brother’s toys (Octonauts, Paw Patrol, Duplo), books, cars/planes (makes them drive/fly)
  • TV: Yo Gabba Gabba, Bubble Guppies, Sesame Street; watches Paw Patrol & Octonauts with Damien
  • Foods: cheese (always says “momo cheese stick!”), “bee food” (baby food squeeze tubes), chocolate milk; eats almost everything we eat except at breakfast
  • Always tries to steal my coffee
  • Loves butterflies “buhflies”
  • Calls all crawling bugs “nuts” (ants)
  • Calls all 2 wheeled vehicles “mo’cycles” (incl.bikes)
  • Loves pointing out trucks, planes, helicopters
  • Can go down the slide by himself at the park
  • Very curious, always points/asks “whuddat?”
  • Loves nature and animals
  • Loves to make his brother laugh (calling all the people in Damien’s Bible story book “bad guys”; running around crazily)
  • Can play kid games on my phone

A day at Six Flags

So here’s what we’ve added from the past few months:

Sizes: 24 months and 2T; he’s definitely moving more into the 2T range in height but still has that chubby baby tummy that 24 month clothes accommodate so well. 🙂 His diapers are size five.


Well, that’s one way to watch Bubble Guppies…

Favorites & Interests: Rowen loves dogs and will race after them whenever he sees one (although he’s getting a little better at just pointing them out so we can ask the owner before greeting the dog.) He loves being outside more than just about anything and is constantly asking to go to the playground; if the sliding glass door is open (which is also the only window we have in our living room/dining room/kitchen area, so it’s open a lot) he is outside.

For TV shows, Rowen mostly watches Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol. He likes watching Little Einsteins on the iPad and can open Netflix and select it by himself, which is pretty amazing to me. He and Damien watch Octonauts, Paw Patrol, and SuperWhy. Rowen can play many of the kiddo games on my phone; he’s really pretty amazing at puzzles! He’s also amazingly good at navigating electronics in general.


Outdoor picnic dinner!

Rowen’s favorite foods include “bee food” (squeeze baby food/applesauce packets), cheese, granola bars, bananas, and avocados. He’ll happily eat just about anything we’re eating. Rowen still nurses at bedtime and sometimes at naptime (if I’m home) or another time during the night. He also still sometimes wants his pacifier during the night but doesn’t care about it at any other time, which really makes ‘weaning’ him from the paci ridiculously easy (and I’m not worried about him using it at night for quite a while, especially because he does a really good job at not losing it and I’m not constantly finding it for him like I had to do when he was tiny.)



Rowen calls avocados ‘acados’ and backpacks ‘packpacks’. He uses the word?/phrase? “seecoo” at the beginning of sentences (aka “Seecoo dinosaur fell in water”) but we don’t know what it means. He also picked up the word ‘peeuski’ from Paw Patrol to use when things are gross or stinky, and it’s always hilarious to hear coming out of his mouth.

Sometimes when he sees an airplane in the sky he calls it a rocket ship. 🙂

He always tells us he hears a “baby cwyin'” even when there are no babies nearby! (If a kid cries anywhere in public he also calls it a “baby cwyin'”)


Rowen and Mimi

1/9: “Ni-ni Mama.” “Night night Rowen; I love you.” “Ah luvoo Mama.”

1/15: “Ni-ni Dada” (said multiple times until Dan responded)

1/30: (holding wooden train track) “T! T!” (You’re right, it looks like a T.) “I like it!”

2/19: (Rowen was in the living room with Dan when Damien wakes up in the bedroom alone and started yelling) (brightly): Buba comin’!

2/20: (accidentally kicks the dog dishes) Uh oh, wawa cup! (He can say ‘water’ when he sees it in a lake or a fountain, but if he’s going to drink it, it’s ‘wawa’…)


Rowen doesn’t look thrilled with Damien’s driving 🙂

2/21: (in Six Flags) Oh no, look at that big roller coaster! Big, big, big, big roller coaster!

(After nursing) Thank you, nippos.

2/23: (pointing at Damien’s Bible story book) That’s a bad guy! (Damien: it’s not a bad guy!) *both giggle, repeat 100x*

2/26: (after Damien apparently did something impressive) Whoa, Buba! Great job!

3/18: (I’m leaving for work) “Bye bye Mama. Love you Mama. See you later!”

3/19: (after waking up) ” Kiss, Mama.” (I give him a kiss) “Thank you, Mama.”


Nappin’ in the stroller

3/30: (Where’s Rowen?) Here I am!

Look, a nana! (a banana)

4/10: (in butterfly house at Six Flags) They’re waving! HI BUTTERFLIES! (waved back)

4/13: (poking my bump) Look Mama, a tummy! Cute!

(Yelling out back door) Go away, sun! Go away, moon! Go away, stars!


Looking at butterflies with Dada

4/19: “Mama’s going to the doctor.” “Go to doctor?” “Yes, to check on the baby in Mama’s tummy.” “No baby in tummy.” “Where’s the baby?” “Rowen baby!”

4/28: “I love you, Rowen.” “I love you, Mama.” “Have a good sleep, Rowen.” “Have a good… Mama, Mama.”

Stops nursing to say “Give Mama kiss!” So I kissed him and he went back to nursing 🙂

5/2: (straightening a magnet on the fridge) Turn it around – that should do it! (he actually says ‘that should do it’ all the time and it is hilarious)


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