Weekend Trip

We recently took a weekend trip up north to our former hometown. It was last minute – Dan got called for a job interview Monday and I thought, if I have to take a day off work, why don’t we extend it to a mini fun trip?

On Sunday, the kids woke us up bright and early to walk on the Sundial Bridge and visit Turtle Bay, a place we used to take Damien all the time. A big part of the park is currently under construction but the kids had a great time watching the fish, “driving” a car, and playing in the water (oh… And saying hi to all the doggies on the bridge. I’m pretty sure that was Rowen’s favorite part!)

On/around the bridge:


Damien, right before we went wading in the river


Damien and Rowen try out poses for their album cover 🙂


Boys on the Sundial Bridge! (Rowen was tired of walking…)


I had to get in the photo somehow

In Turtle Bay:

(mouse over/click to read the caption)

We also got to visit our two favorite thrift stores in the area. There’s just nothing even close to these stores anywhere near our house (that we know of, anyway, and we’ve gone to a LOT of thrift stores) and it was fun to actually have a successful shopping venture.

At Goodwill we found:

  • Clothes: Hurley shorts, a dinosaur T-shirt (from Target), and a Children’s Place button-up collared shirt and sweater – all for Damien, who is growing like a weed
  • Books: Star Wars 123, Ten Apples Up On Top, You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie, So Many Bunnies, and my personal favorite, a pop-up Star Wars book from 1982 (The Ewoks Save the Day, and yes this book totally belongs to me and not my kids lol – I put it up out of their reach on my own shelf and will share sometimes…maybe)
  • DVDs: a few Dr. Seuss stories (we have another DVD like this that the boys love) and Baby Van Gogh (we have a lot of Baby Einstein movies, all from Goodwill; you can sometimes find them on YouTube but it’s nice to have the DVD version for when your kid’s favorite disappears).

At That Baby Store, we found:

  • A raincoat for Damien (he’s been without one all winter and we’ve definitely missed it – we’re probably just about done with rain this year but the coat should fit next year too)
  • A tank top (now Damien owns exactly one, lol)
  • A giant play magnet (basically this, without the rest of the kit – Damien really wanted a toy, and I was so relieved when he found something relatively small, in one piece, and educational – he’s been trying to figure your what’s magnetic and what isn’t ever since!)

At the time I was wishing we knew whether Baby3 was a boy or a girl so I could do some shopping for him/her, but now that I know he’s a boy I won’t be buying that much anyway, especially because Rowen was born right around the same time of year.


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