Baby #3 is a…

…nother boy!

(Nobody was surprised, although Damien was disappointed. He told me he wished the baby was a girl for a few days, then today he told me that he, Rowen, and the new baby were going to be astronauts exploring the galaxy together, so I guess he’s warmed up to the idea!)

This was technically my third ultrasound – the first ultrasound was for dating, and the baby was measuring a bit behind the dates I’d remembered (which to be honest were completely inaccurate, as accidental pregnancy dates are), and the second ultrasound was to see if Baby was growing like he was supposed to (and he was; my original dates were just very very wrong.) At the first ultrasound I saw what amounted to a blob and that’s it (the doctor could see the heartbeat but I couldn’t); at the second ultrasound I saw a blob with arms and legs and a heartbeat, and finally at this ultrasound I saw a cute baby!

This ultrasound was at a hospital instead of the doctor’s office, so the technology was MUCH better. Our tech was adorable and super sweet and told us everything she was doing; she also pointed out the brain structures, four chambers of the heart, individual fingers and toes (yes, we could count them, which was sooo cool!) and more. Dan was able to come with me while his mom stayed with our (older) boys and we both thought it was pretty cool.

The scans:

Scan0098 - Copy - Copy

I can already tell that he’s adorable!

Scan0096 - Copy (2)

This one is a little creepier, because it’s the facial bone structure – Baby Boy had his arms crossed in front of his face at the moment

Scan0097 - Copy

Baby feet! You can count the toes πŸ™‚

Scan0098 - Copy (2)

You can see the arms up high, and then below is baby’s skull, spine, and torso

We learned that the baby is measuring 3-6 days ahead of my current estimated due date, is already tall for his age (a trend which I’m sure will continue), and currently weighs nine ounces. Based on this ultrasound my due date should be Sept. 14, a few days before my Sept. 17 date, but an EDD is pretty much a wild guess anyway and I have no doubt Baby will come whenever he’s good and ready. πŸ™‚


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