December Happenings 2015

Damien’s Birthday Party – I have a whole post written out about this, but – you guessed it – I don’t have pictures. I’m hoping one of my parents (or perhaps a grandparent) has pictures that I can steal, otherwise it will be really sad after all the fun we had (and all the work I put into having a party at all… But that’s selfish I guess.) (BUT STILL.)

Damien’s 4th Birthday – we went to Chuck E. Cheese on the actual day and, as always, the boys had a great time.


Damien wanted to help me make a cake – we had a teddy bear pan, so I made that and let Damien decorate it.

Moving – Ugh, oh yeah, that happened. We had to cram all the stuff from our (small) three bedroom house (with one car garage) into a (quite a bit smaller) two bedroom apartment (with NO storage whatsoever – we ended up with a very small storage unit to keep holiday stuff, baby items we don’t want to get rid of yet, tools and outdoor things we don’t have a place for because we no longer have a yard, etc.) We actually did get rid of a lot of stuff, even stuff that we liked, because I hate the claustrophobic feeling of a super packed house, but it’s never enough and we’re still crammed, because four people (plus pets) is just too many for an apartment this size. As always, it took much longer than expected to get everything out of our old house and to get it clean, so – as always – we couldn’t focus on moving in and cleaning up our new place. (The place you move into is NEVER clean, and it’s SO frustrating after spending hours cleaning the old one!)

Christmas – Right in the middle of the craziness… We moved a few days before Christmas and I barely got a floor space cleared for us to have any kind of Christmas celebration. We had the teeny tiniest Christmas tree but at least it had lights and presents under it.


Tiny Tree, happy Damien, Christmas breakfast


Matching PJs in the chair (with an offbrand Nerf gun, lol)

Snow – on New Year’s Eve, we drove up to my parents house so we could go hunting for snow on New Year’s Day. Damien was super excited and luckily we didn’t have to go far this year. Here’s a picture that sums up both my sons’ reactions to snow:


Rowen: meh. Damien: HOORAY.


There was much more sledding to be had – although we mostly stayed off the big hill and scooted around on a barely tilted surface. 🙂

Rowen was a lot happier playing in the snow, although I think he was still wondering, “why is it so cold?” Damien, on the other hand, had a grand ‘ol time throwing snowballs and making tiny snowmen.

(click/mouse over photos for captions)


Snow angel!


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