Baby3: First Trimester

In case you didn’t hear from my Facebook or Instagram, life is going to get a bit more crazy for us:



I posted this on Easter, when I was 15 weeks pregnant

With the other two I posted more or less weekly about how I was feeling, how things were going, etc. This time around that feels like overkill, so I thought I’d post once a trimester (allowing for the occasional rant, because it turns out pregnancy does not get easier each succeeding time.) At the time I’m publishing this I’ve thankfully left the first trimester behind me (good riddance, most horrible part of pregnancy!) but here’s where I was for those thirteen not-so-glorious weeks:

How I’m Feeling:

  • At first, in total shock.(There was a lot of, “how is this even possible?!” Without getting into TMI territory, there are a number of reasons why this is a big surprise. We’ve come to the conclusion of: magic.)
  • From there, I felt sick all the time (I guess with morning sickness, third time’s a charm! I officially know every trick to keep yourself from vomiting in the trash can of a strange classroom.)
  • I also felt pretty worried about our car/job/living situation – it’s not like that’s resolved but we do have a bit of time to get things sorted out, so I’m trying not to unduly freak out in the meantime. (Some days I achieve this; others, such as today, I cry in the shower.) (Granted, part of that may be hormones. I also had a student make me cry – for the first time ever – last week.)
  • Now, I’m wondering if it’s a boy or a girl (but figuring boy, because we seem to be good at making those.) Damien wants a girl and neither Dan or I have stated a preference. (Rowen just wants chocolate milk and another cheese stick.)

Craving: Taco Bell burritos, cottage cheese and goldfish crackers (together), grits, unsweetened iced tea, bagels and cream cheese, Stripples (aka fake bacon)… By the end of this trimester I was actually sick of making myself eat every few hours (a strategy to keep my stomach from getting empty, which helped with morning sickness) so none of my craving food even sound good anymore. Lately I’ve been able to add vegetables back into my diet (with the exception of peas, which still taste funny for some reason) (which has been a challenge since we usually eat peas 2-3x/week) and I’m hoping that my nausea will continue to get better so I can eat like a normal person again.

Important Dates:

  • Jan 16: took pregnancy test (with about a 90% certainty it would be negative. It was not.)
  • Jan 25: I saw very tiny baby on U/S; the doctor saw the heartbeat (but I didn’t, because Very Tiny Baby and also possibly because I was in shock)
  • Feb 14: found heartbeat with my own Doppler (at 9w2d)
  • Feb 16: saw baby and heartbeat on ultrasound

Kiddo Quotes:

So far, Rowen is not really aware of the existence of Baby3. He does say “Baby” when he sees the Doppler but that’s about it. We didn’t tell them until around week 11-12, and even that was sooner than I maybe wanted to, but I wanted them to hear it from us and we were beginning to tell other people. (I held off on telling anyone as long as I could, mostly because I was trying to wrap my mind around the whole thing myself, but also because I had several job interviews lined up and if I actually got one of those jobs, I wanted my future employer to hear the pregnancy news from me and not, say, Facebook. But since I didn’t get those jobs it didn’t turn out to be an issue.) (I still desperately need a job. Someone hire me!)

Okay, here are some actual Damien quotes regarding Baby3:

  • When I told Damien he would have a new brother or sister, he said: “Yay, babies are fun!” He also commented: “I want to get a tiny BB8 for the baby” (lol). I showed him an ultrasound and he asked, “Did you get a picture of the baby at all your doctor’s appointments?” I thought it was pretty perceptive of him to notice my doctor’s appointments.
  • 2/28: “I think we should name the new baby Rowen 2.”
  • 3/4: Damien heard the baby’s fast heartbeat (on the Doppler) and asked, “Is the baby running?”
  • He’s also tickled my stomach several times and said: “I’m tickling the baby! Is the baby laughing?”
  • 3/13: Damien decided he wanted to name the baby Squishy Turtle – Squishy for short.

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