Thanksgiving 2015

We spent the first few days of our Thanksgiving break at a house in Tahoe with my parents, sisters & significant others, and parents. It was a lot of fun (and the food was SO GOOD) but I wish we could have stayed longer. (I also wish I would have taken pictures before, like, the last day, but my cell phone was dead so I failed.) Other than the food, I think probably the highlight of the trip was when we (my dad, Kassi, Colin, Kaeli, Jay, Dan, and I) (playing in teams, haha) beat Pandemic, which is pretty difficult. (Dan bought that game for Kaeli and Jay for a wedding present, lol.)

For Thanksgiving day, we spent a few days at Marcia’s house with Dan’s family. I did even WORSE with photos and have just these two to present:


Damien and Nathaniel always have a great time together, despite their age difference. This time they were bonding over stealing their dad’s iPads, lol


Rowen, nappin’ in his adorable Thanksgiving outfit!


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