Preschool Christmas Program

I was so excited about the preschool Christmas program this year, because both boys would be in it! So as not to repeat Damien’s dismal spring program last year (in which he did his best Sad Statue impression), I even helped Damien practice singing his songs at home. I’m not sure if it was the extra practice or the extra seven months of maturity, but this time Damien did great!

The theme of the Christmas program was “A Country Christmas”, the stage was decorated like someone’s house (perhaps Grandma’s!), and all the kids wore pajamas. I put Rowen and Damien in their matching Christmas pajamas for this year and they were, of course, adorable.

(Note: the majority of these pictures were taken by a professional photographer at the event. He offers free downloads to parents and also sells prints. This is such a great service for parents because you can just watch and enjoy your child rather than worrying about running around the room taking pictures in low light and getting in someone’s way. For privacy, I cropped all of the group photos to just include my child and their teacher[s].)

(click on or mouse over the photos to see captions)

Here’s the stage:


Rowen’s classroom, which has babies and toddlers from age 3 months to 23 months, had four kiddos in it – two boys who were just about to turn two, Rowen (almost 2 1/2), and a five-month-old baby girl (and our neighbor baby!) who was just entering the classroom. Here’s Rowen walking into the chapel with one of his teacher’s aides, Marianna – each of the kids had an aide or the teacher to supervise them.



He was supposed to put the present under the tree, but wasn’t all that interested in holding it…


‘Singing’ (well, music was playing anyway) and playing bells!

Next was the Twos room, then it was Damien’s class, the Threes room:

(click on or mouse over the photos to see captions)

After that the Pre-K class did a few songs, and Damien and Rowen sat with us… well, Damien sat and Rowen napped.

At the end there was a little segment where the kids came up, pretending they were visiting one of the teacher’s houses, and she read them a story. Then Santa appeared (well, walked into the room) and told the kids another story, plus gave them all candy canes, and that was the end. This part was especially funny because Damien was one of the first to the ‘door’ and totally overacted knocking, nodding his head, looking at the Christmas tree, etc. Dan and I were dying over his dramatics. 🙂


Greeting his teacher 🙂

It was such an adorable program and I’m so glad my kiddos were able to participate! I will so, so miss the preschool and all it does after we move. 😦


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