October Happenings 2015

I’m slowly working my way through the important blog posts I missed from 2015 – I posted about Rowen’s birthday (in July), and once I cover October (my favorite month!) and December (Damien’s birthday and Christmas) that should just about do it… right? ๐Ÿ™‚ (And maybe someday I’ll actually talk about something we’re doing Right Now, although I must admit that Right Now we’re pretty boring.)

Pumpkin Patch #1:

This is my favorite pumpkin patch in the area and it’s a great value, even though it’s a bit over an hour away from us. Still, there are so many fun things to do – giant slide! corn box! hay bale maze! tire swings! and that’s before you even get to the pumpkins themselves!

We also paid a little extra to go into the petting zoo (well, Kassi actually went in with the boys, since she was there with us. I stayed on the outside and played mamarazzi.)

Finally, it was time for the two big events – the hay ride and the selecting of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch #2:

Though this pumpkin patch is a lot closer, it doesn’t have nearly as many activities. It does have a cute shop with food and gifts, and I was hoping to find some Christmas presents (thinking ahead!) but I didn’t end up getting anything. The boys did have a fun afternoon though.


When we were young and relatively unencumbered, Dan and I used to go to concerts together all the time. (We actually started going to concerts together two years before we even started dating because we have pretty much the same taste in music, so when I say ‘young’ I mean like teenager young!) A combination of having less disposable income (like none? and having kids has majorly cut down on this hobby, but amazingly the stars aligned and we were able to go to Aftershock, a music festival in Sacramento (area ish.) Kaeli was super generous and not only agreed to watch the boys (until the wee hours of morning, it turned out – more on that later) but also let us stay the night at her house afterward (Jay was out of town, otherwise I would thank him too.)

The festival is two days and people can camp at the site, which would have been ideal but obviously not something we could pull off. Not only could we only afford to go to one day, but I had school on Monday so Saturday night was our only option (even though it meant we missed out on some awesome bands Sunday. Boohoo.) Getting to the location was pretty darn confusing and involved driving around a random neighborhood in circles. Even when we got where we were supposed to go, we did a lot of driving around in fields and finally ended up parking in a sea of cars in an unmarked, nondescript field. (FORESHADOWING.)

There were three main stages, and two of them were literally right next to each other (you can see the screens from the right stage in my picture of the left stage – it’s the red one with the giant Monster logos). There were also smaller stages but we arrived late enough that all the action was on the three main stages. We basically had to speedwalk back and forth between the three stages and then get as close as we could. I guess we could have camped in front of one stage for our ‘favorite band’ but we were pretty much there for the nostalgia factor, not one particular band, since almost all the bands were big when we were in high school/early college. (There was exactly one band that was pretty late in the evening but we had never heard of, which provided the perfect opportunity to get water and food from the delicious food trucks – seriously, there was so much good food!) (Oh, and the music was greatย too! I was pleasantly surprised with how well most of the bands held up, and was completely blown away with a few of them. There was only one band that I felt had significantly gotten worseย since ye olde days, but they were still entertaining albeit trying-too-hard, so I’ll let that slide.)

On the way out I bought a tshirt from a random dude outside the venue, and we walked to our car. WHICH WE ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT FIND. We counted the rows on the way in, but enough cars had left at this point that the rows were impossible to determine, and there were literally no points of reference… plus it was dark. We literally wandered around in the dark dusty field for 45 minutes before we stumbled upon our car. The worst part was, the battery in our clicker was dead so we couldn’t even set off the car alarm (which a lot of people were doing at this point.) Once we found our car we still had to sit in traffic for quite a while trying to leave, but we were lucky and had parked right next to an exit so we got out of there relatively quick. Apparently not everyone was so lucky – according to the Aftershock Facebook, while we were back at Kaeli’s house snug in bed, some people were still trying to get out of that parking lot. So, the moral of the story is… we had a great time at the music festival, but if it’s in the same location next year, unless they make some drastic parking improvements we won’t be back.

Preschool Fall Festival:

This was the day after Aftershock, so we were pretty exhausted… but it was lots of fun, and Damien got his face painted for the first time! He was an adorable puppy, as you can see from the pictures, and it was a good practice run for Halloween when he again was fully covered in paint (by his choice – he didn’t want to wear the mask that came with his costume.) It also marked the third year running we went to this fall festival!


And now to the main event!

Damien picked our costumes this year. He wanted to be Jack Skellington, he wanted me to be Sally, he wanted Rowen to be Barrel (no Lock or Shock, apparently) and he wanted Dan to be Oogie Boogie. As you can see, one family member vetoed their request, haha (although he did wear an appropriately themed shirt at least.) I wanted Rowen to be Zero but Damien insisted on Barrel, which turned out to be a much easier costume anyway.

As for all our costumes, Rowen’s were skeleton pajamas that I think came from Old Navy. It’s hard to see in these pictures but I put green wash-out color in his hair (although probably just about no one got the Barrel reference but me.) Damien’s costume is from Party City, and it came with a mask but Damien decided he wanted to have his face painted instead. (Amusingly a lot of the people assumed he was Beetlejuice, which I guess I see, although not if you saw my costume too…) My costume was randomly on clearance at Walmart, but to get the cheap price I had to get it too big. I ended up doing a no-sew alteration, turning the top part into an empire waist with a tie. I also added hot glue to the inside of the too-big gloves to keep them from slipping down. The biggest project, though, was the wig – it originally only had hair that covered the front and the whole back part was bald-looking. I found yarn the same color and added the whole skein to the back so I wouldn’t have to worry about bald spots. ๐Ÿ™‚ It turned out really well and it was fun to have long, albeit yarn, hair!

We went trick or treating with Kassi and Colin, who were dressed as Anna and Kristoff, so we had a whole passel of Disney characters; my dad also came with us. After we did 3-4ย few streets and the boys had a sufficient amount of candy, we went on our second annual trip to A&W for our Halloween noms.

So, another October for the books! Now to think of what our costumes will be next year… ๐Ÿ™‚


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