Hello, Blog

I abandoned my poor little baby blog for eight months, which is definitely the longest I’ve gone without blogging (or journaling, back in my middle/high school days of Ye Olde Paper Journal) since… forever. (Or since I was eight years old, if you want to get literal.) Basically, life got crazy and something had to go and it was the blog. Sorry, blog. But! I don’t want it to remain gone forever, if only because I use it as a baby book supplement (or even as the actual baby book and then fill in the paper version later… perhaps years later) but also because it’s fun to do something vaguely creative other than organize toys. Also THE KIDS ARE GROWING UP SO FAST and all that.

So, let’s get you (oh imaginary reader) (aka Future Me Looking Back, Frantically Filling In Baby Book Pages) caught up on our family:

Our littlest member, Rowen, is currently eighteen months old. I plan on doing an eighteen month recap (and it’s even all typed out in my phone) so hopefully I’ll have that up soon. At the moment he goes back and forth between happy and silly, to inexplicably angry when something isn’t working out for him (so, typical toddler.) He wants to do everything Damien does.

Damien turned four in December and is becoming such a big boy. A few days ago we decided to try a few pages in his preschool workbook and I was amazed at what he was able to do. He recently got a new Big Boy Bed and is sleeping by himself for anywhere from half to 80% of the night (which is progress, albeit slow progress.) His vocabulary is almost 100% Kid instead of Toddler (although I do treasure his few remaining toddler words, like ‘lantur-en’ and ‘Satur-en’) and his imagination is growing by leaps and bounds. He goes back and forth between wanting to play with Rowen, and wanting Rowen to stay 100 feet away from his belongings at all times.

Like I mentioned in my year recap, in December we moved to a small apartment in Vallejo, and I’ve been working as a full time sub since January. I have a lot of feelings about all of this, most of them negative. I underestimated how huge of a transition this would be for everyone, including me. I miss living in a town that felt safe (example: we didn’t have to lock our door at our old house, and now we live in a gated condo because cars get stolen from our street at least once a month), and I miss having room to move around in our house (we lost a bedroom, the garage, and the front and back yard, not to mention general square footage in the living area. We do have a fenced in porch, which is better than nothing.) My job is okay, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought I might, mainly because I don’t see the same kids from day to day and I don’t get to form relationships with them or see them grow, which is pretty much the whole point of teaching (other than the money I suppose. In theory I do get paid, though my first payday isn’t until next week.)

Another huge change for our family is that I’m working full time while Dan stays home with the kids. Even when both Dan and I were in school, he would work part time while I stayed home with the kids. Sometimes it was tough, but ultimately it was the solution that worked better for us. Also, Damien and Rowen were in preschool during the school year, which they both really miss (and trust me, so do their parents.) Our current solution of me working full time, Dan stay-at-home dadding is one that we’re doing because it allows us to survive, not because any of us actually like it, and to be quite frank that sucks a lot. Unfortunately it looks like this will continue into next year, as I’m applying for full time teaching jobs and Dan still doesn’t have work. The one big positive change, of course, is that I will be teaching in my own classroom with the same kids instead of subbing (which comes with the side benefits of insurance, paid sick days, etc., which subbing of course doesn’t have.)

So, back to the blogging thing – I have about ten posts that I really want to go back and finish (Rowen’s birthday, Damien’s birthday, Christmas…) so hopefully I’ll be able to get to these in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll try to stay positive and think of our current situation as temporary and hope for good changes soon.


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