2015 Year in Review

My favorite family picture of the year, possibly of all time – love the beach! And love these boys ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s almost February March*, and I didn’t blog for about 40% of the last year, but I figured why let that stop me write a recap post for 2015?

* Wrote this in January. Forgot to publish it until today. Oops…



This is my second favorite family picture of the year ๐Ÿ˜€


My little guys!



Damien is pretending to be a fire-breathing dragon here; can’t you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • We went beach camping at Sunset Beach with my parents/sibs over Spring Break
  • We seriously embarked on a journey of potty training (Damien of course) and IT WAS AWFUL. (I’m so thankful it’s over and so terrified that I’ll have to do it again someday soon.)
  • Dan turned 29
  • Rowen turned 8 months


Damien realized he could push Rowen all by himself – I didn’t complain!

  • Rowen started talking! His first words were, in order: Dada, baba (brother), nana (nurse), mama, and gog (dog)
  • We met the Easter bunny, and Damien went on an Easter egg hunt (in the rain)
  • Rowen turned 9 months



Playing at the park!



Dan’s graduation!

  • Dan graduated from college, and I finished the regular part of my Education program (I still had to student teach in the fall)
  • We went beach camping with my parents (and even Ripley got to go!)
  • We went to Family Camp for a few days, and both kiddos got to ride a horse!
  • We celebrated Father’s Day with breakfast-in-bed curated by Damien, kite-flying, and an ill-advised trip to town (because we had to give the disaster that was Mother’s Day a run for its money, haha)
  • We went to Sonoma TrainTown
  • Damien turned 3 1/2
  • Rowen turned 11 months


Happy first birthday, Rowen!

  • We spent the fourth of July in Calistoga at the fair
  • We participated in the family VBS at our church
  • We got Rowen’s one year photos taken (and, of course, they were ADORABLE)
  • Both boys took swim lessons in Calistoga and did great!
  • Rowen learned to walk (in Turtle Bay in Redding, mere days before his birthday)
  • Rowen turned one, and we celebrated with a Very Hungry Caterpillar party!
  • A tree tried to fall on Rowen and me on the way home from swim lessons, and it was pretty much the scariest thing EVER. (I was able to break RIGHT before it hit us, but I had to drive up into the tree, which did a bit of damage to our car.)


Dan’s and my anniversary day off ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dan and I celebrated our seven year anniversary (and ten years together!) with a trip to Sacramento while the boys stayed at my parents’ house. It was weird to be away from them, but soooo great. Seriously, I want to do it again. (Maybe on our next anniversary…)
  • I completed my presession student teaching (two weeks at the beginning of the school year at a private school)


First day of preschool, Fall 2015

  • We roadtripped to Los Olivos for my cousin’s wedding
  • I started my full time student teaching in a ninth grade English classroom in Napa
  • Rowen started preschool in Miss Christy’s room (and LOVED it), and Damien went back to school with his new aide-turned-teacher, Miss Ashlee (who he called Asha-lee, very cutely I might add.)
  • We went to FairyTale Town in Sacramento for the ScholarShare Children’s Book Festival! Damien found one of his new favorite bedtime stories there. ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Halloween!

  • We visited two pumpkin patches and had a great time
  • We went to the preschool Fall Festival, and Damien got his face painted for the first time! (He was a puppy. It was good practice for Halloween!)
  • On Halloween, we dressed up as Nightmare Before Christmas characters as selected by Damien! Damien was Jack, I was Sally, and Rowen was Barrel. (Dan was supposed to be Oogy Boogy but declined and wore a thematic tshirt instead, lol.)


Sitting in a chair made of skis at Tahoe

  • Damien and Rowen had their school pictures taken at preschool
  • During Thanksgiving vacation, we spent the first few days in Tahoe with my family, then drove up to Dan’s mom’s house for Thanksgiving day.


Damien is four!

  • I finished my full time student teaching and got a job as a full time substitute teacher in the Napa Valley.
  • We moved from our student housing at PUC to an apartment in Vallejo (which is about as big of a community adjustment as you can have without moving to downtown San Francisco or something.)
  • Damien turned four! We celebrated with an astronaut party with friends and family a week before his big day, and at Chuck E. Cheese on his actual birthday (at his request of course.)

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