Rowen’s Birthday Poster

I saw a bunch of these on Pinterest/Etsy and thought I could find enough free fonts to do my own. It actually worked pretty well, with a few small issues I’ll talk about here in a minute.

The first thing I did was go to a free font website ( and browse for cute fonts; I also checked Pinterest for suggestions.
The fonts I used in the poster are:

(Home School, KB Zipa Dee Doo Dah, Birthday Balon TFB, Happy Birthday, Baby, {skinny} jeans, Cute Cartoon, KB Wiggle Worm, Lightning, Birthday Digits, DK Cosmo Stitch, Animated, DK Crayon Crumble, Colored Crayons, KG Shake It Off)

When I had (more than) enough fonts, I typed out all the information I wanted to put on the poster. This was a week before Rowen’s birthday, so I crossed my fingers they’d stay accurate (specifically how many teeth he had – one grew in right after his birthday, but two was accurate for the day of the party!) I also picked which font I wanted each line to be in (using simpler fonts for longer sections and more ornate fonts for shorter pieces.)

Next I created my poster layout. Since I don’t have a good photo editing program I used MS Word and lots of text boxes (I’m sure I’m horrifying my graphic designer husband right now!) I copied and pasted each informational section into the text box and changed the font color. Since Rowen’s party was Very Hungry Caterpillar themed, I chose colors that matched the book. I also stole borrowed used a few pieces of clip art from the book.


Finally it was time to print! I saved the whole thing as a PDF and was going to get it printed at the local copy center…and forgot. Instead, the day before the party I printed it on cardstock at home. This is when I ran into the biggest snag – some of the letters in a few of the fonts didn’t show up when I printed! I could not figure out what the heck was going on, and still don’t for that matter. Maybe I downloaded a sample font that expired; maybe free fonts just behave crappily sometimes. In all events, this problem was fixed by taking a screenshot of the missing letter (because it showed up in the Word document the whole time) and inserting it in the word in a text box as a picture. Ridiculous, yes, but it worked. (I also did a bit of hand lettering in an area I missed. I don’t think anyone noticed, and it didn’t bother me.)

I put the finished product in a frame on Rowen’s gift table. It looked really cute! I would have liked it even better if I had remembered to print it out bigger (I was thinking 11×14), but I may have run into font problems then that would have been much harder to fix (not to mention pricier.)


In all events, it looks really cute hanging on Rowen’s wall!



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