Mother’s & Father’s Day 2015

Together in one post, because May was crazy and I actually have the time to do it now.

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day weekend we decided to go visit my parents, since we hadn’t been up there since Christmas. On Saturday we took the boys to Marshall Gold Discovery State Park in Coloma, where we explored Miwok bark houses and saw a big grinding rock, rode in a horse-drawn carriage, walked through a historical reenactment of a gold mining camp, and drank delicious cold brewed coffee from The Argonaut.

IMG_20150509_151331626That evening Dan and I combined a date with homework and went to a youth chamber orchestra performance (he had to go see a classical performance for his music class; I had to go to a youth music performance for my class about teaching art) (they were actually very good and we both enjoyed it). We also went out to dinner, which was not in the slightest homework-related. 🙂

On Mother’s Day, the plan was for my mom, Kaeli, and me (and Rowen) to go shopping, and for us to meet the rest of the family at a Sacramento Rivercats game. Well, it didn’t turn out so well. Shopping was a complete bust (we hardly had any time and I found nothing) and my kids decided to celebrate Mother’s Day by making the game as painful and difficult as possible. (Damien refused to sit in his seat without screaming/sobbing for some reason, Rowen was grouchy, they both wanted Mama and Mama only, etc.) To add to the fun, it was a hot day and the game went 18 innings, which yes, is two complete games, and then the Rivercats lost. Boo all around.


A tile on the wall of the ballpark that expressed my feelings about the situation

But, at the end Damien did get to run the bases, so that was one good thing.


After the park emptied out (around inning 12 or so) Dan, Rowen, and I sat in the grass, which was cooler


Our default personalities, haha


Mama/Rowey selfie


Waiting for Damien & Bapa to run the bases


There they go! (I also have a video, somewhere)

Ready to walk back to the car!

Ready to walk back to the car!

...ok, these were our actual sentiments on the matter

…ok, these were our actual sentiments on the matter

(oh, and Damie threw the biggest tantrum of his life on the walk back to the car. Happy Mother’s Day!)

But let’s end on a good note. Here’s what the boys made for their grandmas (and me):


Little Dami hand and two little Rowey feet! Marcia’s was green because she isn’t a pink fan…and because I only has three pieces of cardstock in the house (pink/pink/green)

Father’s Day

Had Mother’s Day not come first, I would have declared Father’s Day a failure. But compared to the spectacular maelstrom of stress that was Mother’s Day (and I didn’t even write about all of it), Father’s Day was only a partial failure.

The morning was good. The boys and I let Dan sleep in and drove to the store to create a Damien-curated breakfast (the menu: doughnuts, orange juice, Morningstar veggie links, and… tomato soup. Dan ate the soup for lunch, haha.) Damien declared it a ‘doughnut picnic’:

IMG_20150621_124644Dan also received some awesome (well I think so) gifts from the boys. Here’s the card from Rowen:





Got the idea from Pinterest, of course 😉

And here’s the gift from Damien. These are 100% his answers!

IMG_20150621_124128He also did one for my dad, his Bapa:

IMG_20150621_124030After the giving of gifts, Damien wanted to go fly his new kite (purchased with his money from the grocery store that morning) so Dan took him into the front yard.

IMG_20150621_124354221 - Copy

You can kind of tell in this picture that it’s an “Anna and Elsa kite”

We live in a really tree-y neighborhood (except for our yard, which sadly only has one stunted pine tree) so we drove down the hill to these big fields owned by the college (we’ve played in them before here.) Dan was really able to get some height on that dinky little kite!

IMG_20150621_145008334IMG_20150621_145252692 IMG_20150621_145134350Aaaaand this is when the day started to go downhill. We went shopping for a few things, which was all well and good, and then we were hungry so we decided to get Rubio’s for dinner. Well, it was closed early on Sunday so we went to use the public restroom next door. There was a family restroom next to a women’s restroom that was being cleaned, so we were waiting for both when a fairly creepy guy stumbles out of the family restroom. Damien and I went in, but he was back in a few minutes and kept trying to get in. He actually forced his way in when I opened the door to come out (I had no clue he was there; Dan told me what happened later.) Dan chased him off but of course I was thinking every worst case scenario for hours afterward (pedophile? drug addict? drug addicted pedophile WITH A KNIFE?) so that put a damper on the day.

We were really hungry so we ended up at the next closest restaurant, which was Applebee’s, but apparently the Applebee’s nearest us has a different menu from this particular Applebee’s (it might have been the lunch menu we saw) because there was nothing on there Dan liked, and then the manager asked us to switch tables to make room for another party (this happens to us ALL THE TIME; I guess I have a nonangry face?) and of course Damien flipped out because OH NO CHANGE (which also happens every single time we get moved…) The good news was, we got free dessert and access to the games on the little Applebee’s tablets. The further bad news is, Dan kicked my butt at the Couple’s Quiz (he’s the umbrella.) I think I’m just too predictable.

IMG_20150621_195937463And at least the only direction for next year’s Mother’s and Father’s Day is up! (Though I’m still pretty enamored with the kid’s crafts from both holidays!)


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