Damien Lately – 3 1/2


Three has been an adventure! Damien’s creativity and pretend play have really taken off – as have his stubbornness and tantrums. He’s alternately hilarious and so, so sweet… and then back around to infuriating.

Height & Weight: 42 lbs, 3’6.5″ (or 42.5″)

Sizes: Damien is wearing mostly size 4T with some bigger 3Ts still in there (mostly shorts.) His shoe size is 11.


At Mimi and Bapa’s school


Damien’s favorite hoodie – that he sadly recently outgrew. Time to search for a replacement!

Milestones: Damien is learning to ride his scooter (which he got for Christmas) and his balance bike (which he got for…well, summer, but really because it was on sale for 75% off.) When we go on family walks he insists that Rowen wears a helmet while ‘riding’ his tricycle (Damien’s old push tricycle that he never actually learned to pedal.) We started potty training him in December but had to take a break when he was getting stressed out and had a major regression, so we started up again in June and things have been going better. It’s still a really long process, but he only wears Pull Ups at night now. We’re now working on overcoming his phobia of public toilets (which, granted, are pretty big and loud, but I’m looking forward to the day when we don’t have to tote around a small potty in the backseat wherever we go.) (We’ve also had semi-regular success with this super cheap foldable potty seat, though it’s not Damien’s favorite.)


Still using the same bath towels we got him as a 1-year-old, haha


He climbed a tree in the Black Bear Diner parking lot

What Damien Is Up To:

Since our last Damien update, a few things have changed in Damienland. We moved Rowen out of his bedroom and into the study, so Damien gets more room to play, which he LOVES. (I, in turn, love having a safer/more nursery-like room for Rowen – and also giving Dan incentive to keep his study area from getting out of control.) (It only sort of works.) Damien’s beloved preschool teacher moved out of the area in February, which was hard on him. Thankfully his preschool director is the stand-in teacher until they find someone else, so he has someone he knows and likes with him in the meantime (plus all the teachers and aides step it up a bit. He really likes playing with the aides outside at recess.) He had his last day of school in June, and is enjoying summer break until school starts up again (for me, and him) in September.


Here are some pictures from school thanks to his teacher, who shared them with me):

He was playing cars with a friend, but I cropped the friend out so as not to post someone else's kid on the internet

He was playing cars with a friend, but I cropped the friend out so as not to post someone else’s kid on the internet

Climbing trees at school

Climbing trees at school



This picture is so great! Another one of Damien's hoodies that he doesn't want to take off

This picture is so great! Another one of Damien’s hoodies that he doesn’t want to take off

Playing with the light table (in a pajama shirt, lol. I let Damien go to school wearing a PJ shirt maybe three times, and don't you know EVERY SINGLE ONE was photographed and ended up in the end of the year slideshow at preschool graduation... haha.

Playing with the light table (in a pajama shirt, lol. I let Damien go to school wearing a PJ shirt maybe three times, and don’t you know EVERY SINGLE ONE was photographed and ended up in the end of the year slideshow at preschool graduation… haha.

Proudly displaying his magnetic garage - Damien LOVES these magnet tiles, but of course they're super expensive so we don't have them at home.

Proudly displaying his magnetic garage – Damien LOVES these magnet tiles, but of course they’re super expensive so we don’t have them at home.

Mother's Day breakfast! The school served heart-shaped pancakes, strawberries, and coffee

Mother’s Day breakfast! The school served heart-shaped pancakes, strawberries, and coffee

Recently Damien has really been into playing outside. We have a little play area set up in the backyard with a playhouse Damien got for his birthday, a water table, and the slide/swing combo we got for Damien when he was one (which is really more Rowen’s size, but Damien likes the slide still.) Our neighbors picked up a large wooden play structure for free on a local yard sale board, and for awhile they put it in the shared grassy area between the houses. It was so fun to watch all the neighborhood kids of all ages play on it together. Our neighbors were then told by the landlord they had to move the play structure into their yard so the college wasn’t responsible for it, so I offered the front part of our ginormous front yard, next to a little tree that everyone climbs anyway. So now our front yard is the neighborhood playground and Damien can’t wait to run out there every day. I love it! 🙂

IMG_20150502_142021119 IMG_20150507_005801

We had fun on a family camping trip to the coast during Spring Break. Damien loved hanging out with his Mimi and Bapa, as well as aunts/uncle/Kassi’s boyfriend. He saw the ocean for the first time since he was Rowen’s age and was a bit scared of it, although he did enjoy fishing and playing in the sand. I can see how seeing the ocean would be frightening for what to him feels like the first time, so we’ll have to hit the beach a few times this summer to help normalize it for him. Growing up in Southern California myself, I wanted to normalize the ocean for Damien and Rowen, so we went beach camping a few weeks ago and Damien had a much better time in the water. He’s still a bit cautious but had lots of fun splashing around (and getting soaked), building sand castles and dribble castles, climbing around on the rocks and looking for little creatures (he held two sea stars and a crab!)


He’s ‘breathing fire’ like a dragon here 🙂

11026253_1665949053628171_6852127895821520010_o 11057845_843567692368949_5094560786943094436_n 1978683_843567809035604_474666821620923600_n 10828070_1665949373628139_3970278681777678642_o

Damien Interview – 6/2015:

Friends: Ashlyn & Penny
School Activity: Play inside with the ladybugs
Color: Blue
Food: Grape Nuts
Dessert: Ice cream
Toy: Gup Speeders
To Watch: Chuggington
Song:Who’s My Pretty Baby” (we change the words a bit) and “You Are My Sunshine”

IMG_20150606_150550098 IMG_20150606_144909098 IMG_20150606_150328373

Damien Quotes:


  • (Pointing out ornaments) These are angels. This is Ostrich, that’s Daniel, and that’s Hurry. They are my friends.
  • I’m making cookies! I’m showing you things! I’m ringing a bell!
  • (While playing baseball darts:) Mama I throwed it at TPE Park! (He meant AT&T; the TPEs are part of the teaching credential process lol)
  • (After a branch fell on a power line & our power was out) Let’s tell Spiderman the tree fell down. He will help the tree workers. Because we’re not the tree workers, we’re the house workers.
  • Mama, am I taller than Dada? (Not yet.) I’m SUPER taller
  • (Sleepily cuddling with me in the the morning) I live in booboob land.
  • Nightmare penguins like to be in the sky and they like to be in the snow without their funny bottoms.

It actually rained, so we went on a puddle-stomping adventure



  • (Playing with Playmobil people) Mama, they’re laying down so they can get energy to wake up.
  • This is hanger guy. He is a superhero. He’s rabbeling his stumbles.
  • I tell this Google to turn on. Google turn on! The Google’s not turning on mama. You push the button right here so you can make it talk to me and you open this thing and you can talk in this thing right here.
  • Mama, you’re a sweet little tot.
  • (You’re my Dami-boy.) You’re my mama-boy!
  • Sing the gassy part! And then the ducky goes ‘quack’! (If you get this, you’re probably a parent…)
  • I’m eating this. (licks the wall) The wall is good popcorn!
  • Look mama, it looks like my fingers are taking a bath in Ripley’s mouth!

Children’s Church was space-themed; Damien was happy



  • Look! There’s bugs across the world! I could meet them! (He was literally putting little rubber bugs on a globe…)
  • Dada, I want to sit on your lap and pretend you’re a spaceship that landed.
  • (on the way to school one morning Damien randomly announces…) “Let’s go to the tadpole tomorrow.” “What’s the tadpole?” “It’s where Santa lives.” “The North Pole?” “Yes. We can go to the North Pole too but let’s go to the tadpole first.”
  • “Take this. (hands me a milk carton) I already readed it.” “You read it?” “No, I was READING; I READED it.”
  • (at bedtime) I love you, Dan. It’s really nice to love you.
  • (to Rowen’s stuffed dog) Oh, doggy. Do you have a lonely nose? I’ll hug you; I’ll keep you on my lap. You’re a cute doggy. You’re a sweet doggy. Go to sleep.
  • (to Dan at bedtime) Either tell me a story or you go to jail! Those are your options! If you go to jail Mama will lay down with me!

Watching the Wine Train go by


“Mama, can I wear your hat?”


  • (Damien and Rowen were on the little ‘ship’ play structure) “Damien, say cheese!” “Pirates don’t say cheese. Pirates just be on their ship.”
  • “Damien, are you singing?” “No, I’m talking as a boy does.”
  • Yay, the sun’s up! Now we can wear hats.
  • (We were singing He’s Got the Whole World, and suddenly Damien realizes…) We forgot the foxes!!
  • (playing with block letters; holds up R) One of them is Rowen’s letter!
  • (from under a laundry basket) Open this present! It’s a brand new Damien! Be careful with me; I’m fragile!

After Dan goes to work in the morning we all cuddle in my bed 🙂



  • (at bedtime) Mama, I brushed your teeth to get the sugar bugs off, and I brushed your hair to get the tanglies out. I took care of you mama, I love taking care of you! (He actually did do all those things too.)
  • Mama I saw a dragonfly! It was so incredible!
  • (on being under blankets) It’s fun cuz it’s like being under the ice! (Or, you know, the opposite of that.)
  • Mama, do Dadas not have babies, and that’s why they don’t have nurses?

Damien was being crazy at bedtime, so I decided to try and swaddle him… lol



  • (at bedtime when we turned off the lamp) I need to see light. I need to breathe; I can’t breathe in the dark!
  • Mama, you’re not nice. You’re bad. I’m glad you’re bad. I like bad things.
  • “What songs do you want to sing before bed?” “You Are My Sunshine, Who’s My Pretty Baby, and Love is an Open Door.”
  • The number three is not so good. It’s not my favorite number. I want to be four! That’s my favorite one! I can’t go on the monkey bars at school. I will go on them when I am a big man. When I am four I can go on them. Ling Ling is four and she goes on the monkey bars. (Ling Ling is a preschool buddy.)
  • I’m getting bigger and bigger… Like a big snot blob! (Thank Octonauts for this one.)
  • I want you to hold me with glee.
  • (I look up and his hand is an inch from my face) I wanted to see if your eyebrows are fuzzy!
  • I’m going under the bed. I’m going to be a nightmare under the bed.
  • Mama, why is Muno an eyeclops?
  • “Mama, don’t laugh.” “Why not?” “Because it’s not appropriate.” (For the record, I wasn’t laughing at him; Dan and I were laughing at an inside joke.)
  • “Mama, when are Mimi and Bapa coming?” “Tomorrow.” “Is tomorrow today?”
  • Mama, you’re gonna be a whale shark, and I’m gonna be a cookie cutter shark, and I’m gonna eat your bluvver! (more Octonauts knowledge.)
  • (Sometimes he makes up information, like this:) Dally squids sit on the sand eating tiny balls of fiddler crab sand. That is what dally squids do. Moon squids eat tiny things in the ocean. Period. That’s what they do. Peery squids live on land. Dally squids live in the ocean. We don’t want to scare them all. (I totally did the same thing when I was little! I impressed my friends my sounding smart when I was just spouting gibberish, haha.)

IMG_20150522_164907217 IMG_20150530_134204521


  • (On the submarines from Octonauts) They don’t have a muscle, they don’t have a liver, they don’t have bones, they don’t have heart attacks, they just clean. The Octonauts clean them.
  • (holding up an Octonauts action figure) Tweak needs to get inside the castle! (sticks her down my shirt)
  • I’m almost TOO cool in these sunglasses!
  • I play fairies with Penny and Ashlyn (two school friends). I’m Terence. Penny is Tinkerbell. Ashlyn said we don’t have the Tinkerbell movie but we do, Mama! (More accurately, Netflix does.)
  • Rowen, let’s attack this mom!
  • (apropos of nothing:) It smells like the Arctic.
  • I’m riding on a gold Dada!IMG_20150528_170001560 IMG_20150606_175426025

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