Eleven Months

(One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months, Six Months, Seven Months, Eight Months, Nine Months, Ten Months)

main pic

I didn’t have a blank onesie this month, so we used a tshirt/diaper combo instead 🙂

Height: At least 30″… I need to measure him again this month (which he hates, because it requires laying down, so I’ve been putting it off)

Weight: 26.5 lbs

Clothing Size: 18 months in PJs/onesies/pants, 12 months in shorts/tshirts

Diaper Size: 4; he mostly wears cloth except for nights/long trips

Shoe Size: 4/5


Teeth: Two still, but he’s been extra fussy lately so maybe another is on the way

Sleeping: He’s down to two naps a day – one in the late morning; one in the early evening. He can be convinced to turn that last nap into bedtime if someone lays down with him, but otherwise he wakes up and is up for a few more hours. I have been able to get him to sleep by himself for some hours late at night, so we just may have a(nother) night owl on our hands (no surprise there.) Oh! And he wants to sleep in until past nine every morning! (Which is pretty awesome except that he has a big brother who wants to be up at the crack of dawn, so it’s a constant battle to keep Damien quiet so Rowen can sleep.)



Eating: Rowen has yogurt for breakfast in the morning (plus whatever we’re eating), a baby food packet for lunch, and pieces of what we’re eating for dinner. He likes drinking water from a sippie cup and is learning to drink from a normal cup too. If you’re eating, he’ll crawl over to you and beg for food (fussing or asking “nana? nana?” He does the same thing when he wants to nurse.)

Language: His new word is ‘uh oh’ (which he says as he drops something on the ground, or when someone else drops something.) He’s starting to use ‘nana’ (for nursing, or eating in general) a lot more. His word for dog, ‘gog’, has been shortened to ‘ga’ for some reason (oh, and all animals are ‘ga’s unless we tell him otherwise. Then he’ll call them his closest rendition to their name for about fifteen minutes before forgetting and resorting to ‘ga’ again.)


Milestones & Memories:

Rowen is a speed crawler and cruiser and can get around the house very quickly, which means we have to be extra careful. He also can open doors that aren’t shut all the way (and all of our doors are difficult to latch, includig the front and back doors, so like I said – SUPER careful.) He’s walked in (well, crawled in) on me in the bathroom multiple times. 🙂 Rowen can stand up without holding onto anything for long periods of time, and can bend over and pick something up off the floor without losing his balance, so he totally could walk if he wanted to (but he hasn’t tried to take steps yet.) He can also pull up to standing from very low things, like Dan’s shoes.


Rowen loves getting in the dog bed (and he is sooo proud of himself when he does it) and crawling throuhg small spaces (like through the TV tray, between people’s legs, and under the kitchen chairs – they’ll get stuck like turtle shells, which is pretty funny.) He loves playing in the backyard – splashing in the water table, swinging in the tiny swing, and cruising around the playhouse. Rowen likes to get out toys and play with them, meaning we now have two mess-makers on our hands. He wants to do whatever Damien is doing, much to Big Brother’s chagrin. Rowen loves playing “How Big is Baby?” (Damien says when he only raises one arm it means “a little big”, haha) and makes a kissy noise when you kiss him or he kisses you. 🙂


Because he is so mobile, Rowen is a lot more into independent play this month. He can crawl over to something (like the play kitchen) and play with it/make a mess for awhile, then come back when he wants some attention. I feel like his attention span is surprisingly long for a nearly-one-year-old, but when he wants your attention back, he lets you know! Damien has also taken notice of this and tries to play with Rowen now, only they’re still working out the logistics of this, like ‘sharing’ and ‘not smushing each other’ (and I find myself yelling “DAMIEN! YOU CAN’T RIDE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER!” across the house.) Still, I see hope for the future! They do really great at the water table together in the backyard, because Rowen can stand on the shallow side and can’t reach (or even see) the toys Damien puts on the deep side. (Of course, if he can see, Rowen wants whichever toy Damien has and vice versa.)

This month we took Rowen to the college pool for the first time. He was a little unsure at first but soon got into it and was splashing all around in the water. We also went camping on the beach with my parents, which was equal parts extraordinarily difficult and super fun (there was a night of no sleep and an epic fight between the boys, plus I got a really nasty sunburn for the first time since I was a kid myself, but the rest of the time it was great.)

Aaaand here are some funny monthly pic outtakes:


Mad because I wanted him to hold still and not rock the whole time


What it looks like when he’s rocking the whole time 🙂

(P.S. Damien at eleven months – I didn’t get a height or weight that month, so I can’t compare there, but I do think Rowen is smaller based on the clothing sizes they’re wearing.)

compare1 compare2

One thing I can say about both my babies – they have/had great leg rolls, and amazing smiles! (Although Damien had a few more teeth in his… Although if you watch Rowen eat you can see that lack of teeth does not hold him back! Haha.)


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