Nine Months

(One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months, Six Months, Seven Months, Eight Months)


I call this his incredulous look πŸ™‚

It’s official: this little guy has been an outside baby as long as he was an inside one! (Actually, that was official as of Friday when he was 38 weeks and six days, but close enough.)

Height: 29″, or 2’5″

Weight: 22 lbs 6 oz

Clothing Size: He has both 12 month and 18 month clothes in his dresser right now, depending on brand and length – kid is tall! (I didn’t buy all that much 18 month stuff for Damien, and it’s all very summery, so hopefully it’ll warm up soon!)


Love that little tongue peekin’ out!

Diaper Size: size 4

Teeth: Still none! That little tooth is right below the surface and that’s it. No more are sneaking through yet.

Sleeping: It’s okay. He still has the occasional bad night but on average probably wakes up three times to nurse (or to get his pacifier put back into his mouth.) He sleeps in my bed with me and sometimes with Dan as well, when Damien has a good night and allows him to leave. πŸ˜› Someday I’ll get him in his own bed but I’m not worried. They’re only little for such a short time!


So cute! Too bad it’s blurry 😦

Eating: Rowen still looooves to eat and will try anything you put in front of him. (He doesn’t have teeth so he’s only tried gummable food so far.) He’s all about finger food and eating off our plates, but we still give him a container of baby food a day. Rowen nurses 6ish times a day and takes a bottle of frozen breastmilk (well, thawed obviously) if needed.

Language: Rowen is starting to talk, which makes him the antithesis of the “late talker/early walker” second child you hear about all the time, since he still doesn’t crawl. (He does like to stand up and rolls around, plus does a ‘worm’/backward crawl that results in him going backward, He’ll probably be crawling soon, but hasn’t quite gotten there yet. Which is fine – less baby-proofing!) His words so far, in order that he said them: dada, baba (brother), mama, gog (dog). Rowen doesn’t say anything on cue yet but directs the right term at the right person and even points (especially at Ripley; he’ll point at her and say “gog, gog, goggie.”)

IMG_20150427_091730906Milestones & Memories:

Rowen likes to read books (he holds books open and ‘reads’, aka randomly babbles, which is adorable) and will lift the flaps/touch the touch-and-feel parts when you read to him.

He points, claps, gives high fives, and waves (he LOVES to wave!) Rowen is also starting to pull up on things and take teeny steps to cruise around furniture. He’ll let go of whatever he’s holding onto for a second to clap or point or grab something. He still really wanted to crawl and can take one little nudge forward, but then he either faceplants or starts scooting backward… haha, poor kid. Maybe Rowen will be crawling by ten months – if he’s not walking first!

IMG_20150427_091844334 IMG_20150427_091753071What can I say? I absolutely love this little guy, and time is going WAY too fast. I’ve already started thinking about his first birthday, and we’re 3/4ths of the way there! Where is my teeny little baby going? That said, I LOVE getting to know my little Rowen more and more, and each day goes by I fall deeper and deeper in love with him.

P.S. Baby Damien vs Baby Rowen:


I had to flip Rowen’s picture, and Damien is laying at a slightly different angle, but still fun to compare!


Rowen’s hair is getting lighter, but still isn’t quite as light as Damien’s was at this age

Even though in pictures Rowen looks like a bigger baby, Damien was actually an inch longer (30″ versus 29″) and quite a bit heavier (Damien was 26 lbs 12 oz, so 4 lbs 6 oz larger than Rowen.) It’s funny because you can see in pictures that Rowen has more rolls, but is so much lighter. I hope Rowen’s baby rolls stick around and last awhile, because I looooove to nom ’em up! πŸ™‚


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