Easter 2015

First up: bunny photos. Over Spring Break we met the Easter bunny in the mall. Last year Damien refused to go near the bunny (though two years ago he LOVED the bunny; kids are weird) and I thought this year would be no different. Once I put Rowen on the bunny’s lap though, Damien decided he could sit next to the two of them.

Of course, we couldn’t get a picture where the two of them were BOTH smiling…

13534920150325_0003_1 - Copy

I cropped this one to put in a frame next to the framed pic of Damien’s first bunny meeting

13534920150325_0004_1 (2)

Damien is sort of smiling here…

My parents came to town for the weekend, which was fun for the boys and us too. Damien and I made these little gifts for my parents:


It was completely Damien’s idea too! The jar ‘houses’ are parmesan cheese jars that we use for water glasses. The ‘grass’ is actually edible, though it doesn’t taste very good… The bunnies and eggs, of course, are chocolate 🙂

We also made these ‘Peep houses’:

I tried to make a pointed window but it kept falling down... Damien had a great time making nests for the peeps though!

I tried to make a pointed window but it kept falling down… Damien had a great time making nests for the peeps and putting frosting on the roof!

Here are Damien’s and Rowen’s Easter baskets:


In Damien’s basket (age 3):

  • Lindt chocolate bunnies
  • A bird pot with grass hair (we have yet to plant this, but Damien is usually into this kind of thing)
  • Charlotte’s Web – he already watches it at preschool and sings all the songs 🙂
  • Sidewalk chalk paint
  • Judith Roth, Goodnight, Dragons (such a cute book! The writing is so pretty and fun to read)
  • Play sand (kind of like kinetic sand, but it stays in place when you mold it)
  • A Lego pack we got for free during our Spring Break visit to the Lego store (it’s a bit above Damien’s head but he of course played with it the most!)

In Rowen’s basket (age 8 months):

  • Blue stuffed bunny
  • Bunny socks, with tiny tails on the feet
  • Margaret Wise Brown, Nibble Nibble
  • Two Easter-themed squeaky bath books
  • One lone chocolate bunny (…he only ate the ears, haha)

I gave the boys the baskets to play with while I was cooking breakfast. They were a hit!

IMG_20150405_100846641 IMG_20150405_100835415 IMG_20150405_100819814After breakfast (which I should have taken pictures of because it was really good, but oh well) it was time for the egg hunt! Aaaand that’s when it started to sprinkle, and then really rain. We made the hunt super speedy and Damien didn’t mind getting a little wet. Dan hid the eggs in the front and back yards and Damien had a great time finding them, and luckily nothing melted. 🙂

IMG_20150405_103749400 IMG_20150405_103440014 IMG_20150405_103500274It’s crazy to think that next year Rowen will be out hunting for eggs too! This year, however, it was naptime…


LOVE this bunny outfit; it’s from Gymboree and I got it a size bigger so he could wear it after Easter too. Also, even his paci is a bunny!


Those eyelashes though!


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