Spring Break Campout

At the beginning of Spring Break we embarked on a Family Camping Adventure. A few years ago (like… five I think?) Dan and I went camping at Manresa Beach, outside Santa Cruz. This time Manresa was full so we camped at Sunset Beach. I didn’t like the campground quite as much, mostly because it was quite a bit further to the beach, but it was still a lot of fun! We had pretty much my whole family there – my parents, Kaeli and Jay, Kassi and Colin, and of course the four of us. We even brought our dogs with us.

Sunset Beach (and beach ball)

Sunset Beach (and beach ball)

So. The drive over there was 3+ hours, but Kassi and Colin rode with us and helped entertain the littles. We stopped twice, for coffee and lunch, and drove right through the area where I used to do pet-sitting/dog-walking (which was a little weird, but at least I knew where everything was.) We met my parents and Kaeli and Jay at the campsite, and while a group went down to the beach Dan, Rowen, and I set up our side of the campsite.


Smiling behind the pacifier πŸ™‚

Dan was trying out some new lenses and got some really cute pictures of Rowen.


Hanging out on a blanket while we set up


…and a picture of a dipley dog


Happy baby!


Eventually Rowen fell asleep and got Mimi cuddles

More Ripley faces

More Ripley faces

When they got back from the beach, Damien decided to help Uncle Jay set up his tent. (With a stick, somehow?)

When they got back from the beach, Damien decided to help Uncle Jay set up his tent. (With a stick, somehow?)

The next morning it started raining on us! Of course, the only two days it rained all through Spring Break were the two we were camping.


Damien was pretending to be a dragon here – this is him ‘breathing fire’, lol


Rowen discovers that grass is not as tasty as expected…

We tried to think of what to do in the rain and decided to head to a children’s interactive museum in a nearby town. My mom, Kassi, Colin, Damien, and Rowen all played in the museum while Kaeli, Dan, and I shopped (the museum was actually in a mall!) and my dad drank coffee and read. (I definitely had coffee too, of course… haha.) (Jay held down the campsite fort with the doggies.) We went from there to Santa Cruz, where it was sunny and not at all raining for some reason.

Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz!

Damien really wanted to go fishing off the pier with my dad so we split up – Kassi and Colin did some rides/the boardwalk, my dad/mom/Damien went to the pier, and Kassi/Dan/Rowen and I hit the beach! It was Rowen’s first trip to the beach and he was definitely impressed.

Rowen claps at the sand :)

Rowen claps at the sand πŸ™‚

Beach nurses - love how he's holding my hand here :)

Beach nurses – love how he’s holding my hand here πŸ™‚



Getting big enough for shoulder rides!

Getting big enough for shoulder rides!


Mama & baby feets!


Love the ankle rolls πŸ™‚

They didn't catch anything but it looks like they had fun!

They didn’t catch anything but it looks like they had fun!

Getting 'buried' by Mimi

Getting ‘buried’ by Mimi

Sand angels

Sand angels

Back at camp, I wanted to visit Sunset Beach so we hiked to a nearby trail. It was kind of a crazy trail with the sand washing out from under the driftwood ‘stairs’ and I was wearing Rowen, so that got a little exciting (I made Dan wear him on the trip back, haha.) It was getting dark so we couldn’t stay very long, but both Damien and Rowen had a great time while we were there.


Someone made a sand structure around a giant piece of driftwood, and of course Damien had to play on it/dance all over it


I would make sand castles and then he would knock them down πŸ™‚

When we got back we had a barbeque and roasted marshmallows for s’mores; it was super yummy of course. Damien made everyone sing camp songs with him like something out of a sitcom, but the campground was pretty deserted and the hippies a few sites over didn’t complain. πŸ™‚

The next day was our last at the campground, so we went back to the beach one more time.


Getting our feet wet


Group photo, minus my dad and Dan (Dan was taking the picture)


Beach baby!


We’ve-been-camping-and-are-gross selfie


Burying my feet!


Babien sand foot!


Family photo ❀

Finally it was time to head home. Everyone was headed different directions so this time the boys had to ride by themselves. The freeway was getting traffic-y so we stopped at a mall I used to hang out at between petsitting jobs, and let the boys play a bit. Damien got to visit his first Lego store (he made me explain each setup like we were in a museum, lol, and we went home with a new Duplo set) and we played on the indoor playground for awhile.

Happy but slightly sunburned baby

Happy but slightly sunburned baby


Damien made some friends on the playground! I am sooo proud when my little introvert takes risks like that. πŸ™‚

Once we got home we had SO much to unpack! Packing for two adults, two little kids, and a dog is no joke.

Sand dollars - we found so many! (Plus a few shells and rocks)

Sand dollars – we found so many! (Plus a few shells and rocks)

Sandy shoes piled at the door

Sandy shoes piled at the door

Aaaand sand in our car.... which is probably still there.

Aaaand sand in our car…. which is probably still there.


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