Eight Months

(One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months, Six Months, Seven Months)

IMG_20150326_191922058Height: 28.5″ – a wee bit longer than last month

Weight: 23 lbs – a pound up from last time (weighed & measured at home; I’ll update if I get more accurate numbers this month)

Clothing Size: 9-12 months are fitting well

Diaper Size: Still using up the last of the 3s but he’s more comfortable in 4s. Cloth diapers are still fitting and working well (and I should do an updated post on that, actually.)

IMG_20150326_191724522Teeth: We’ve got one little teeny toofer about to poke through! It’s on the bottom and on the left, right next to where his two front teeth will be, which I think is kind of an odd first tooth but whatever, my kids are unique apparently. (Damien’s first two teeth were right on top of each other on the top and bottom, optimal for teeth-grinding…)

Sleeping: Rowen hit a little bit of a rough patch with sleeping this month. He’s been waking up fussy every few hours a few nights a week, which is less than ideal. I’m hoping it’s teething-related and won’t last forever. Also, some nights he sleeps fine so I really don’t know what’s going on.

Eating: He’s nursing slightly less during the day, something like every 3 1/2-4 hours instead of every 3. He is still nursing 2-3 times a night so I’m sure that makes up for it. Rowen all about eating and is a pro about picking up little foods or food pieces and feeding himself. Last month he mastered Cheerios, and this month he added Gerber puffs and fruit and yogurt melts (which look exactly like yogurt chip treats for rabbits/small animals, but I assume they taste different, not that I’ve tried either) as well as little pieces of whatever we’re eating that aren’t choking hazards. (On a related note, Damien learned the phrase ‘choking hazard’ this month.)

IMG_20150326_191906521Daily Schedule:

Another quarter, another change in schedule… We’ve also been working to get Rowen on more of a schedule himself as far as napping/bedtime, but it’s difficult with our weird schedules and with another kid in the house. I’m trying to pay attention to Rowen’s natural sleep/wake patterns and fit our schedule to that as much as possible.


  • Everyone wakes up at 7:30ish and gets ready. Then Dan goes to class at 8 (and then to work from there) and Rowen and I take Damien to preschool at 8:30. Rowen and I are at home until my P.E. class at 11am, during which Maggie (his babysitter from last quarter) watches him. From 12-2pm Dan, Rowen, and I are back home, then Dan and I both have class at 2pm. This time Rowen is with Matthias, who babysat him a few times last quarter but is our second regular babysitter this quarter. At 3:15 Dan gets Rowen from the babysitter and then Damien from preschool, and I come home from class closer to 4pm. Then we have a few hours of family time until Dan goes to class from 6-7:15pm. Basically, Mondays and Wednesdays are crazy!


  • We start the morning as usual, but this time I have class at 8am so Dan and Rowen take Damien to preschool. Then when I’m out of class at 10 we trade, and I take Rowen while Dan goes to work. My next class is at 2pm and then I pick Damien up from preschool at 3:30 and we’re all home together until Dan again has evening class from 6-8:40pm. (Yuck and yuck! I’m anticipating late bedtimes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since Damien doesn’t like to fall asleep when either Dan or I are missing.)


  • Fridays are the simplest day of the week! I don’t have any classes; Dan has work and one class.

The bad thing about our new schedule (which we’re about one week into) is that I’m alone in the evenings, in that in-between-dinner-and-bed period where the kids are the most difficult. I feel like I should be getting things done (like cleaning up after dinner or doing homework) but of course that’s impossible, so we end up watching TV while I try to work on my computer. I need to just forget about getting anything done then and take them on a walk, to the library, outside to play, whatever – because otherwise we just may go crazy (especially a certain three-year-old and myself; Rowen is pretty chill all the time and his biggest issue is getting upset because Big Brother is upset.)

IMG_20150326_191748246Milestones & Memories:

Rowen is always ‘talking’; I’m not sure if he’s linking words to people yet but if he is, his first word is definitely Dada. He also seems to use Nana when he wants to nurse and he may even use Baba to refer to Damien (brother?) but although he’s babbled ‘mamamama’, I’m still waiting for him to refer to me as Mama. (Update: he’s done it a few times now but it’s not consistent yet. Still, exciting!)

Rowen is trying to crawl but can’t figure out how to get up on his knees and his elbows at the same time – it’s always one or the other. When he’s up on his elbows he ends up going backward, which frustrates him to no end as he sees whatever he’s crawling toward getting further away… He likes to stand but can’t pull himself up to a standing position yet.

IMG_20150326_191925880Rowen learned to clap this month! It’s really adorable. You can see him clapping at the end of this video (which is the second half of Damien ‘reading’ a book to Rowen, and it’s equally adorable.) Right now I’m teaching him how to give high fives; he’ll do it for awhile after I show him but then he forgets and needs re-taught. (I’m also trying to teach him ‘how big is baby?’ but we haven’t got that yet, although it does make him giggle.)

This month Rowen experienced the ocean for the first time, while he experienced another first, camping. I first took Damien camping around this age (actually, I think he was eight months exactly) and the experience was pretty similar – nothing too complicated. I’ll write about our camping trip later but as for the logistics of taking an eight month old baby, the biggest issue was gear, so we brought our minivan instead of the Prius so we could bring Rowen’s stroller for town. I also brought my mei tai and wore him on several walks. Damien opted to sleep with my parents in their tent and Rowen slept in our bed with us. I brought baby food and snacks, but Rowen mostly wanted to breastfeed or try whatever we were eating (turns out, kid loves pancakes!) He LOVED the beach, splashing in the (cold) water and playing in the sand (and yes, eating the sand.)

While we were there, Rowen experienced one more first… his first sunburn. I felt so bad because I really should have known better and even brought sunscreen, but forgot to put it on. He originally had a hat on but it fell off and blew into the water and was soaking wet, so his poor little cheeks were all red for the next day or so. (Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to peel or anything like that. Lord knows I’ve had more than my share of those!) (Oh, and somehow Damien’s sunburn-free record remains intact. He was still wearing a hat on the beach that day, and he’s older so I guess his skin is tougher, but I’m still surprised that a kid with such porcelain skin can remain sunburn-free for so long. When he finally does have his first sunburn, he’s in for a terrible surprise.)

IMG_20150326_191728952This month I finally put the gallery wall up in the living room, and Rowen LOVES it. He stares at it and smiles at various family members and giggles at himself. He loves looking at photos of himself in general and smiles whenever the camera is pointed in his direction.

IMG_20150326_192008755Damien and Rowen’s relationship continues to develop, which I LOVE. Sometimes they cuddle in my bed before school in the mornings, and Damien will do lots of crazy things to try to make Rowen laugh (which of course he always does, because he thinks Big Brother hung the moon and stars.) We’re working on helping Damien share with Rowen (aka ‘not grab the toy he’s currently playing with out of his hands’) and I’m sure that will be at least a decade in the making, if not longer… At least some point Rowen will be able to grab the thing back on his own, haha.

There’s so much fun coming up on the horizon – crawling, talking, walking, first birthday (ee!) – and I can’t wait to experience all of it! I fall more in love with my beautiful baby Rowen Cole every single day.


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