Seven Months

(One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months, Six Months)

IMG_20150228_101122557Height: I’m still measuring him at 28″, which makes no sense since he is clearly longer/wearing a bigger size. Oh well; I’ll have to get a more accurate measurement at his next doctor’s appointment.

Weight: 22 lbs

Clothing Size: 9-12 months

IMG_20150228_100824721Diaper Size: He’s probably ready for four but I’m still using up the threes, since he’s in cloth most of the time anyway.

Sleeping: Rowen has been taking slightly fewer and longer naps, which is good. He naps on me, in his crib, or in our bed, and at night we cosleep. We’re thinking about changing up our sleep situation so I’ll update if we do.

IMG_20150228_100942493Eating: This month Rowen really started eating and not just playing with food. He really likes the little squeeze containers of baby food and if he’s really hungry will suck one down for a meal, no spoon required. His favorite flavor so far is blueberry banana (no allergy issues like with Damien, so that’s good.) He also makes a valiant attempt to eat Mum Mums (and other Mum Mum-type crackers), Cheerios, and the occasional soft cracker/piece of bread we hand him (or he yoinks; he is constantly trying to steal food off our plates!

Rowen is still a champion nurser; he nurses 5+ times during the day and 1-3 times a night. He’s also still taking the bottle when I’m not around (or heck, he’ll take it from me too, though of course it hardly ever happens.)


Milestones & Memories:

Rowen continues to babble (new ‘words’ include ‘nunnun’ and ‘nangnag’, the latter of which seems to be an angry word just like it was with Damien) and will respond when you talk to him. He’s started using rolling as transportation (mostly to get to one of my papers that he wants to eat,) which is pretty cute but also inconvenient (see: eating my paper. I could seriously use “My baby ate my homework” as an excuse because he tries to all the time.) Rowen makes squeaky, hyperventilate-y noises when he laughs hard, which he especially does when Big Brother does something funny. He can take his pacifier out and put it back in again. He loves being outside and in busy places where there’s lots to look at. Oh, and my favorite thing of all: he gives kisses! (aka grabbing your face and open-mouth faceplantig on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.)

IMG_20150228_100950918This month Rowen ended up going to class with Dan twice. The first was to the beginning of his English class; I was on the way back from student teaching out of town and hit traffic on the way home (there was a tree in the road, to be exact.) Dan had a quiz and he wanted to have enough time to finish, so we were going to meet in the hall. Everyone (well, a lot of people) thought Rowen was adorable and I was approached by strangers saying “I love your baby; he went to my English class!” all the next week. The teacher actually ended up holding and playing with Rowen while Dan took his quiz, which was awesome.

IMG_20150228_101018835Sidenote: it’s a bit tricky dealing with kids/babies in college; some teachers love them and even encourage you to bring them to class (I had one like that last quarter, though I only took him up on it once) while some don’t even want you to mention that you have kids and think you should be professional at all times (this is even from some teachers who have kids, I think because they have to be that way so they want you to be too.) Other teachers just have unrealistic expectations for you regarding your kids; for example, we had to go to school on a federal holiday this quarter. Of course all the moms were scrambling for babysitters, since all the area schools were canceled except ours (and if your spouse works on campus they still had to work, or in my case Dan had to work/go to school too.) (Further sidenote: there are at least four of us in the Education department with kids of varying ages, and I know a lot of the Nursing students are moms as well. Despite this, the school is SO not at all equipped for married students/families. At least they have family housing, I guess.) Most of us had back-up plans for the day off (luckily we did), but a few of us were left high and dry and it was interesting how some of the teachers thought that the no mercy/tough love approach was the way to go. (Spoiler it doesn’t. With all the hard work and sacrifices it takes to be a parent in college, don’t you think we’d be there if we could??)

IMG_20150228_100816743So the point of all this is, when you run into a teacher who is not only gracious about your seemingly unavoidable kid-related blunder and even seems to enjoy holding your baby, its a big relief. The second time I had a field trip that left 20 minutes before we usually start class, and Dan was currently in class, so I dropped Rowen off at his classroom on my way out. Dan’s art class was doing presentations and Rowen just napped on Dada throughout. 🙂



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