Six Month Pictures

The day after Valentine’s Day we drove to to the nearest JC Penney’s (well, possibly the second-nearest, but they’re both about an hour away) and god Rowen’s six month photos done! The only professional photographs I did of Damien as a baby were his six month pictures; I didn’t want cheesy ones and could only afford/arrange one session with a really good photographer. In retrospect I wish I would have done more. My grandma paid for the boys to get pro photos done at Thanksgiving and I was impressed that the set-up wasn’t as cheesy as I expected – I think the advent of digital photography meant mall photogs had to step up their game – so I decided to do Rowen’s six month pics there too. (I want to try to take another set of brother pics, and maybe a family picture, during Spring Break. Oh, and nine month and one year photos for Rowen! And maybe I should get some at some point for Damien too? I think there’s a professional photographer coming to his preschool at some point, maybe in the spring? I am so off topic.)

We ended up buying the whole photo CD because there were so many cute ones (because Rowen is so cute, obviously.) Here are some of the proofs:

014 015 001 002 005 007 009 011 012Now I just have to decide which ones to print!

And just for fun I put a few pictures next to Damien’s six month pictures. It’s always interesting to me how they are both adorable but for the most part different. (There’s a brotherly resemblance when they smile!) (Also, obviously the outdoor pics of Damien’s have better lighting and backgrounds, but just try to focus on the cutie pies pictured… haha.)

Basket babies!

Basket babies!

Box babies (with cute little hands!)

Box babies (with cute little hands!)

Rolly babies!

Rolly babies! Their smiles and eyes are similar.


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