Six Months

(One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months)

IMG_20150127_141020859(We didn’t have a doctor’s appointment this month so height and weight is approximate.)

Height: 28 inches (I don’t think he was fully 28 inches at his last doctor’s appointment – he has seemed to grow a bit)

Weight: 20.5 lbs

Clothing Size: 6-9 still, but he’s starting to grow out of them. 9-12 month pants and PJs are starting to fit.

IMG_20150127_141044801Diaper Size: Three, though he’s back in cloth most of the time. I’ve unbuttoned the rise on pretty much all the diapers and all of them are fitting at the moment.

Sleeping: Rowen naps 3-5 times a day, usually on me while I do homework/procrastinate doing homework by looking at The Interwebs. He sometimes naps in his crib, but I’m terrible at putting him down without waking him up (Dan is much better.) At night, we cosleep almost all the time now; he usually wakes up twice to nurse and would sleep in past nine every morning if we’d let him (sadly, when I leave he usually wakes up – like his brother, he doesn’t like to sleep alone.) I get more comfortable with co-sleeping as he gets bigger and more mobile; I look forward to the day when I can use blankets freely again! (which isn’t for a few more months yet.)

IMG_20150127_140903938Eating: Rowen is still nursing great, and taking a bottle when I’m not around to nurse him. On Fridays I’m gone all morning at a student teaching lab and I had to learn to pump in my car, which is less than ideal but works, and at least I’m getting milk for le bebe to drink. (Oh, and on the bottle front, he will take a bottle from absolutely anyone – including me! – and will drink it cold. Is that normal? It’s certainly a change from our first child, who rejected all bottles and only used one specific sippie cup for a very long time…)

Since Rowen is six months old now we have started offering him solids. He still has the tongue thrust reflex so he rejects anything on a spoon at the moment, but he likes gnawing on things, like a piece of bread or Mum Mums. (His official first food was a pizza crust… shh!)


Each new quarter of college for Dan and me brings a new schedule for Rowen. This is what his week looks like:

  • Monday-Thursday, Damien gets in bed with Rowen and me at 7:20 while Dan gets ready for work. Then Dan cuddles the boys at 7:35 while I get ready. Dan goes to work at 7:50 and I get both boys ready. Rowen is usually awake and cheerful at this point – I swear he is the only morning person in our family, lol. (On Fridays I’m at a nearby high school all morning, so Dan doesn’t work and does the morning routine solo.)
  • Rowen and I take Damien to school by 8:30, then it’s my homework time. Rowen alternately plays, yells at me, and nurses/naps (the last part is when I actually get homework done, although it’s often one-handed.) In theory I could get some stuff done now, like, say, housework, but I usually don’t. School is hard, and babies are no picnic either! Dan is home for 1-2 hours during the morning, so I can shower or accomplish something that requires two hands/my full attention (silly teachers expecting me to devote attention to school!)
  • On Mondays, Rowen and I drive down to meet Dan after his 1pm class/before my 2pm class. That parking lot is ALWAYS full and it’s huge pain in the butt to find a space. Sometimes we switch cars, or I have to park across campus. Last week Dan got a ticket for parking in the nearly-empty teacher parking lot, in the spot directly next to the completely-full student lot, so that sucks. On Wednesdays I have a class at 1pm so in theory Rowen is with a babysitter, but we don’t have a regular babysitter for this class time so that’s stressful. (Note to self: find one for this week.) After that class we do the meeting-Dan thing.Β Rowen hangs out at home with Dan while I’m in class, then at 3:30 I pick Damien up from school and bring him home. We’re all together until 6pm, when I have class again (worst class time EVER) and both boys are home with Dan. Then we go through Damien’s bedtime routine at 8pm; Rowen still doesn’t have a set bedtime (we should probably work on that) but alternately hangs out with us/naps until I finally go to bed at midnight.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class at 11am, and Rowen is with Dan on Tuesday and a babysitter on Thursday. We’re then back home together for the afternoon until 3:30. On Tuesdays I drop him off at the babysitter’s dorm, where he stays until Dan picks him up (after picking Damien up from school) at 4:30. On Thursdays we both go to pick Damien up at 3:30, then we meet up with Dan (who gets out of class at 3:50) at my classroom (my class starts at 4, and yes I’ve had to bring the boys in class with me a few times. Oy vey.) On both days I’m home by 5:30 and then it’s the evening as usual.
  • Fridays are fairly simple as far as scheduling goes – I leave at 7:30am to observe/student teach at a local junior/senior high school, and Dan gets both boys ready and takes Damien to school. Rowen gets a bottle on Fridays because I don’t get home until 12:30pm. (He can have a bottle anytime I’m gone and he’s hungry, but the Friday one is a guarantee.) I have to pump in my car, either during a break in the day or on my way home, so I have milk for next week’s bottle. (Actually I finally have enough of a stash in the freezer that I could potentially be gone a full day and he’d have enough to eat. It’s such a relief to know that if I absolutely had to be somewhere or there was an emergency, Rowen would be well-fed!)

I thought this quarter was going to be easier, schedule-wise, but as you can see that’s not exactly the case. I do have ‘free time’ during the day, but since I have jam-packed evenings, that time becomes my homework and housework time. Free time’ is actually a myth (which I suspect is true for many parents.) Going to school for at least part of every evening is terrible and I hate it, but I really shouldn’t complain because next quarter Dan has a class from 6-7 or 9pm Monday through Thursday, and that’s really going to suck.

IMG_20150127_140910196Milestones & Memories:

This month Rowen learned so much! He can now sit up by himself anywhere and tries to go from a laying to sitting position (it looks like he’s doing crunches; he doesn’t make it all the way up yet. Thankfully. I’m not looking forward to the practicing-sitting-up-in-my-sleep-oh-no-I’m-stuck-Mom-save-me phase.) He plays with all his toys, passes them from one hand to the other, and puts everything in his mouth. He also tries to bring straws and cups to his mouth, but he doesn’t sip yet.

IMG_20150127_141040216Rowen started babbling this month, which is the cutest thing, and says ayah, yaya, dada, and nana. He learned how to blow raspberries (ugh… so much drool!) He steals food off our plate, gums it, and then throws it to the floor (where Ripley is happily waiting.) Speaking of Ripley, he loves it when she sits next to him so he can grab her ears and tail. He also tries to ‘pet’ her but usually ends up grabbing handfuls of her fur. (Lest you think the poor dog is abused, she willingly goes over and sits down next to him and stays, so she clearly likes the attention. She’s a very patient pup, but we’re always around to make sure both kid and dog are doing okay.) Rowen loves watching Damien play and has become a Daddy’s boy – he stares at Dan and grins at him constantly. Actually, I think Rowen is just in love with everyone in the house, which is perfect because we’re all in love with him too. (Except when he’s taking Damien’s toys… but the rest of the time there is sibling love.) πŸ™‚


And just for fun, here’s a comparison of both boys at six months. They look so different and yet are still so very cute, not to mention are pretty much the exact same length and weight each month.



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