The last time Damien saw snow, he looked like this:

I think I like it!

Age one! And amusingly enough the hat and jacket he wore that day still fit.

So obviously it was high time we revisited snow. Damien knew what is was thanks to TV and movies, and was on board with the idea of trying to find some while we were at my parents’ house – they’re not too far from Tahoe and right around the snow line, so we could have even had snow at their house. Of course because we were looking for snow, there wasn’t any, and we actually had to drive practically to Tahoe to find it. But find it we did, and Damien got to slide and climb around and even build a snowman.

Once we found a good snowy spot we parked and I bundled up the boys. Damien received snow pants for Christmas and we brought his jacket, sweater, gloves, hat, and rain boots. Rowen also wore a puffy snow suitย and a hat, and looked absolutely adorable:


Monkey feet!


We took a family photo with Damien too but I haven’t got it from my parents yet. As soon as he realized where we were he wanted to run all around and had no patience for photos!


Chubbyface and a snowy hill!

There was a little hill to go sledding on. Everyone in the area had a little person about Damien’s size. ย There was a bigger hill up the road but we didn’t even bother going over there, since Damien was perfectly happy where we were.


Walking up the hill with Mimi and Kassi




Going down the hill with Bapa! (I think we all took a turn; even Rowen slid a few feet with Kassi.)

It actually started snowing while we were there so we couldn’t stay for very much longer, because we didn’t want to get stuck. We were driving the minivan and I even remembered to stick the chains in, but it’s a pain in the butt to put them on and luckily we didn’t have to. It was fun for Damien to actually see the snow fall.


Sister selfie!


Patting a tiny snowman’s head – SO. FREAKING. CUTE.


Rowen & Bapa


Yet another case of SO CUTE! (The blurry stuff in front of his face is falling snow.)


Dan and Damien climbed up the side of a snowy hill together, then Damien made Dan carry him down… of course ๐Ÿ™‚


Kassi and Damien’s snowman! (Then Damien kicked his head off, Anna-style)

We packed up and made it home safely, with one little stop at a gas station/cafe for snacks and coffee. Dan brought me a delicious grilled cheese and latte from the cafe while I sat in the car and nursed Rowen, who thought he was starving but didn’t want to nurse in the snow. (Can’t blame him – it was cold!)


I was going to take a photo in his Rowen Nursing in Various Places series, but then he wanted to stare down the camera


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